Previews Skoda’s first all-electric car

The Skoda Vision iV is a concept car that previews the company’s entry on the electric car market with a vehicle built on Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform. Although it’s aggressive and futuristic exterior looks familiar, drawing cues from previous Skoda concepts, the interior is unique and innovative for the Czech brand. Set to be unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Vision iV is part of Skoda’s recently announced plans to invest around €2 billion in electrification and launch 10 EV and hybrid vehicles by 2022. The Vision iV won’t make it into production as is, but it provides hints as to how future Skoda cars will look inside and out. The concept has yet to break cover, but we have a few sketches and some information to look at until the Geneva Motor Show kicks off.


  • Sleek, sporty design
  • Unusual side mirror positioning
  • C-shaped taillights
  • Coupe-style roof
  • "Invisible" B-pillars
2019 Skoda Vision iV Concept
- image 824478
The Vision iV looks like a sleeker, more aggressive version of the Vision X concept

From these sketches, the Vision iV looks like a sleeker, more aggressive, and slightly more futuristic version of the Vision X concept. The latter is what makes the Vision iV looks rather familiar, but you can also consider the Vision iV a next-generation Scala hatchback with exaggerated lines.

While the concept car won’t look just as aggressive as the sketch, it will definitely look cool thanks to its thin grille, slim and swept-back headlamps, and sharp front bumper lines and vents. It also features muscular fenders in the front and the rear, while the side mirrors are placed in an unusual position on the front fenders, just above the wheel arches. The coupe-style roof and the "invisible" B-pillars provide a sporty vibe.

Around back, it seems as if the C-shaped taillights with the longer upper arm are based on the Scala's, but they're much thinner and look more modern.

The "Skoda" letters on the fascia light up with the taillights. The sporty rear bumper doesn’t have exhaust pipes, but Skoda added two vents that simulate big rectangular outlets. Pretty cool!


  • Simple and clean
  • Layered dashboard
  • No center tunnel
  • Floating display
  • Comfortable seats
2019 Skoda Vision iV Concept
- image 824477
Flat and built in two layers, the dashboard looks more like a fancy desk

The Vision iV’s interior looks unlike any other Skoda cabin we’ve seen so far. Sure, it’s just a sketch for now, but the concept car will probably look similar. Like most modern concepts, it showcases a simple and clean layout, and because it’s an EV, it also doesn’t have a center tunnel.

The dashboard is by far the most interesting element. Flat and built in two layers, it looks more like a fancy desk than a car dashboard. There’s no conventional center stack, but the center section of the dash extends toward the area between the passengers to simulate a stack. The similarities stop here, though, as there are no buttons and knobs in that area. The lower section can be used as a tray given the wood inserts.

All of the car’s features are probably controlled through the massive infotainment display on the dash, while the all-digital instrument cluster is placed further back near the windshield, like in some Citroen models. The concept appears to have a four-seat layout with two bolstered seats in the front.

Because there's no center tunnel, the cabin looks spacious and welcoming, almost like a lounge.

Tech features include inductive charging for two mobile phones with wireless integration for the infotainment system. The steering wheel features only two spokes, and the familiar Skoda logo was replaced by "Skoda" lettering for a more upscale look.


  • All-electric powertrain
  • Borrowed from VW
  • No info yet
2019 Skoda Vision iV Concept
- image 824475

There’s no word as to what drivetrain motivates the Vision iV, but Skoda confirmed it’s an all-electric vehicle. Whether it has one or two electric motors, the technology is obviously taken from parent company Volkswagen.

Skoda is essentially following Volkswagen's electrification goals and it will benefit from all the technology that the German firm will unveil starting 2019.

The production car based on the concept will likely feature an all-electric drivetrain that we will see in a Volkswagen model by the end of the year. Hopefully Skoda will provide more information at the Geneva Motor Show.

Final Thoughts

2019 Skoda Vision iV Concept
- image 824476

It’s too early to draw a conclusion given that we’re still looking at a sketch, but Skoda’s recent concept cars, like the Vision X and Vision E, look really promising and I’m sure the Vision iV won’t be an exception. The cool thing about this car is that it showcases an avant-garde, modern interior that I’d really like to see on a production model. The Vision iV could mark Skoda’s entrance in the premium market too, so I’m pretty excited to see the concept in the metal at the Geneva Motor Show.

  • Leave it
    • Still a sketch

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