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Skoda has long been the popular brand choice for pragmatic people who want a comfortable and practical commuter. The Octavia makes the backbone of the lineup and is one of its most popular models. The Octavia has always been about getting a lot of a car at an affordable price. But with new cars having more and more tech on board, cars are gradually rising up in value. This begs the question, can the best-seller of the Czech brand still be at the top of its game?

Drivetrain & Performance

2021 Skoda Octavia Exterior
- image 892411

Granted, the typical Skoda buyer does not put performance on the top of the list. Still, it’s good to know that the Octavia offers something for everyone. Let’s start with the diesel offerings, as those would probably be the most popular choice. Three versions of the 2.0 TDI are available. The base one produces a not so impressive 116 horsepower (86 kW) and 221 pound-feet (300 Nm). The second one produces 150 horsepower (112 kW) and 265 pound-feet (360 Nm). In the latter version, the 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint happens in 8.5 seconds, although lower times have been clocked. The top diesel version has the same 2.0-liter DOHC unit and produces 200 horsepower and 295 pound-feet (400 Nm). all versions of this engine feature a DOHC valvetrain and a common-rail fuel system.

They can also boast an average fuel economy of over 57.3 mpg (4.1 L/100 km).
2021 Skoda Octavia - diesel lineup
Engine 2.0 TDI 2.0 TDI 2.0-liter DOHC
Horsepower 116 HP 150 HP 200 HP
Torque 221 LB-FT 265 LB-FT 295 LB-FT
2021 Skoda Octavia Exterior
- image 892414

The petrol versions kick off with a 1.0-liter TSI inline-three, that produces 110 horsepower (82 kW) and 147 pound-feet (200 Nm). In this case, you get average fuel consumption of 48.0 mpg (4.9 L/100 km) combined. You can get this engine with an optional mild-hybrid technology. The same goes for the 1.5-liter TSI inline-four. It produces 150 horsepower (112 kW) and 184 pound-feet (250 Nm), which allows for a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time of 7.8 seconds. There’s also a version of this engine running on compressed natural gas (CNG), with 130 horsepower (97 kW) and 147 pound-feet (200 Nm).

2021 Skoda Octavia - petrol lineup
Engine 1.0-liter TSI inline-three 1.5-liter TSI inline-four 1.5-liter TSI inline-four CNG
Horsepower 110 HP 150 HP 130 HP
Torque 147 LB-FT 184 LB-FT 147 LB-FT

The new Octavia can also be had as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Two versions are available here. Both have a 1.4-liter turbo-four that works with an electric motor, to power the front wheels. They produce 204 (152 kW) and 245 horsepower (183 kW) respectively, with peak torque of up to 295 pound-feet (400 Nm). They also have an all-electric range of 31 miles (50 km) and 43.5 miles (70 km), respectively.
For those wanting more performance, fear not, there’s a VRS version available too. It has a 2.0-liter turbo-four with 245 horsepower (183 kW) and 273 pound-feet (370 Nm) that will hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in around 6.5 seconds.

2021 Skoda Octavia - hybrid lineup
Engine 1.4-liter turbo-four+electric 1.4-liter turbo-four+electric
Horsepower 204 HP 245 HP
Torque 258 LB-FT 258 LB-FT
All-electric Range 50 km 70 km
2021 Skoda Octavia Exterior
- image 892415

A lesser version with the same engine is also available. That one produces 190 horsepower (142 kW) and 236 pound-feet (320 Nm), and can only be had with all-wheel-drive and a DSG gearbox.

Two gearboxes are available. A six-speed manual and a seven-speed DSG. The hybrids can be had only with a six-speed wet-clutch DSG automatic. All-wheel-drive is optional and can be had on the bigger diesel and petrol engines, except the VRS. The plug-in versions front-wheel-drive only.


2021 Skoda Octavia Exterior
- image 892409

In typical Skoda fashion, the looks of the new 2022 Octavia are not particularly exciting. It does, however, look more upscale than before. The front features a much more substantial grille with chrome trim.

The most important thing is that it doesn’t have those controversial split headlights from the old generation.

The averageness continues to the side where, just like in the front, we get simple clean lines. Nothing really stands out, although the line spanning the entire length of the car brings a touch of elegance to the Skoda. This is especially so if you opt for a darker color. The rear of all places looks the most exciting, as it features thinner taillights and, in the case of the station wagon, a bigger rear spoiler. Overall, it looks that much sportier than it did on the older generations. Other than that, it’s a typical Skoda, in that it’s relatively unremarkable amidst the rest of the traffic.


2021 Skoda Octavia Interior
- image 892416
Usually, Skoda’s interiors are as remarkable as their exterior. That said, the new Octavia freshens things up with a much more upscale interior.

All the contact surfaces are of high quality, which means everything you touch on a regular basis when in the car feels well-made. Most of the buttons are now disposed of since many of the functions are controlled through the eight-inch touchscreen. Optionally, you can upgrade to the Logitech 10-inch display, which has exactly the same features.

The suede, which spans the entire length of the dashboard will definitely be appreciated by those looking for a more premium feel. The steering wheel now feature a two-spoke design, which is both aesthetically-pleasing and functional, since you can easily place both your hands at the bottom of the wheel if they get tired during a long trip.

2021 Skoda Octavia Interior
- image 892407

Skoda’s most notable slogan is “Simply clever” and this fully applies to the new Octavia. It has one of the most cleverly-used interiors of any car. Just like its bigger brother – the Superb – the new Octavia is the most spacious car in its segment. Head and legroom are better even than some cars representing the mid-size sedan segment.

And this is basically a less-expensive Golf in more functional clothing.

The storage space is also quite good. You get a large glovebox and a decent amount of storage space in the center arm-rest. The bottom of the center console is specifically made to fit any smartphone and the door bins a spacious enough for a big bottle of water. In addition, the cup holders in the center console feature grip “feet”, which allow you to open up a bottle with one hand only. In addition, every storage space is lined with felt, so whatever you store will not slide too much.

In typical Octavia tradition, cargo space is superior to any other car in its class. The liftback (hatchback) offers from 21.2 cubic feet (600 L) to 54.9 cubic feet (1,555 L), while the station wagon brings those numbers up to 22.6 cubic feet (640 L) and 60.0 cubic feet (1,700 L) respectively.


2021 Skoda Octavia Exterior
- image 892427

The Skoda lineup is known for exceptional value for money and this couldn’t be more true for the Octavia. Prices for the UK start at £22,390 but can go up to £28,460. Moreover, you do get plenty of standard equipment, for which you would pay extra in certain German equivalents. With that said, it seems, the Octavia will continue to offer a lot of car for the price.


Volkswagen Golf / Golf Variant

2020 Volkswagen Golf Exterior
- image 868342

Since this is Skoda we are talking about, we have to talk about its donor. It’s a well-known fact that Skoda cars are basically more affordable Volkswagens. The Octavia is basically the Golf’s technological twin. It has the same underpinnings and has the same engines. The Golf has a starting price of around £23,875. The Variant starts at around £24,500 The Golf, although still offering adequate interior space, it cannot match that of the Octavia. The cargo space for the hatchback is 13.4-43.7 cubic feet (380-1,237 L), whereas the Variant (station wagon) offers 21.6-58.0 cubic feet (611-1,642 L). With the Golf, you do get the slightly better refinement and slightly better sound insolation.

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Kia Ceed / Ceed Sportwagon

2019 Kia Ceed GT Exterior
- image 795907

The Korean automotive industry has reached new heights in recent years and is now offering some very competitive models across all segments. The Kia Ceed’s strongest selling point is actually the price. UK prices start from just £21,055. For the Sportwagon, the starting price is £21,400. The Ceed is very similar to the Octavia in that they are both based on a slightly more expensive car from the same segment. As you know Kia is owned by Hyundai and the Ceed shares a platform and drivetrain with the i30 model. The hatchback has a minimum cargo capacity of 14 cubic feet (395 L), which can go up to 45.6 cubic feet (1,291 L), after folding the rear seats. For the Sportswagon, those numbers are 15.4 cubic feet (437 L) and 53.2 cubic feet (1,506 L) respectively.

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2021 Skoda Octavia Exterior
- image 892420

Skoda may have been the laughing stock about 20 years ago, but now they are a force to be reckoned with. This is especially true in Europe, where the Octavia is one of the bestsellers. If the Golf is a person, dressed in formal clothing, the Octavia is the same person, dressed more casually. It’s more flexible in terms of interior space and pricing. At the same time, it doesn’t charge you extra for the nameplate and provides similar levels of refinement to its technological twin – Volkswagen Golf. All this makes the 2022 Octavia a very appealing proposition, while at the same time showing the brand’s desire to make more than budget versions of Volkswagen models.

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