The automaker seems to have a long-term ‘Vision’ with this hatch

The Paris Motor Show has quite a few launches this year. Skoda will be throwing its hat with two cars; the Kodiaq RS and the Vision RS. While the Kodiaq RS will be unveiled in its production body, the Vision RS is a concept. A week before the reveal, Skoda decided to tease us with a few images of the Vision RS and some basic specifications.

Appearance Matters

Skoda Teases the 2018 Vision RS Concept Along With a Few Specifications
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Like chrome is synonymous with luxury, carbon/black is synonymous with sportiness. This Rapid successor gets a lot of carbon fiber treatment on the face, and the bumpers get large air intakes.

Adding to the sportiness is the rear spoiler and the huge wheels.

Side skirts are also present which add a whole lot of character to the Vision RS. Skoda has used carbon fiber all around the cabin as well, including the door pads and the center console. Skoda wrapped the seats in Alacantra instead of animal skin, too.

The Specifications We Know Till Now

Skoda Teases the 2018 Vision RS Concept Along With a Few Specifications
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The Vision RS perhaps has the most aggressive face in the family, and it goes well the hot hatch’s nature.

The Visions RS Concept will be powered by a 1.5-liter, turbocharged, TSI engine that produces 148 ponies, and a 101-horsepower electric motor.

The Vision RS produces a combined output of 242 horses that makes it jump from naught to 62 mph in 7.1 seconds, and tops out at 130 mph. The Vision RS concept will be based on Volkswagen’s MQB A0 platform. It measures 4356 mm in length, which is shorter than the Octavia hatchback which measures 4670mm. The claimed boot space is 430 liters, which is more than the segment average of 380 liters.

A 13 kWh battery is packed in the Vision RS with a range of 44 miles in electric mode. The CO2 emission is claimed to be 33g/km. Even if the production manages to emit below 50g/km, it will be classified as an ultra-low emission vehicle. Knowing its parent’s problem with emission, Skoda would want to keep that level under ‘Czech.’ It takes two-and-a-half hours for the battery to fully recharge.

Skoda Teases the 2018 Vision RS Concept Along With a Few Specifications
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Although Skoda had a chance to make the Rapid’s successor a pure hybrid one the automaker thought it would make it less of a performance car.

Skoda’s head of product marketing and lead manager of Skoda’s electrification program, Björn Kroll, said “If we want to electrify, then only plug-in hybrid makes sense if we want to add more power. It never works with a standard hybrid.”

The Other Launch At The Show

Skoda Teases the 2018 Vision RS Concept Along With a Few Specifications
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Skoda will also be unveiling the Kodiaq RS in its production form with a twin-turbo diesel engine. The Kodiaq will be the first SUV in the automaker’s history to get the RS badge; or say, the vRS badge. Skoda adds a ‘v’ to its RS cars in the U.K. because Ford has the trademark for RS there.

What do you think about the Vision RS concept? Like it? Hate it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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