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2011 Smart Forspeed Concept

2011 Smart Forspeed Concept

Understand that our expectations for the Smart Forspeed Concept were reasonably high as far as our initial reaction of what the car looks like. But seeing as this is nothing more than just a concept and any hope of a production version has been essentially squashed, we’re a little disappointed that we won’t be seeing this vehicle on the road in the foreseeable future.

Having said that, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the folks from Smart did a remarkably impressive job with the concept. Just revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, the Forspeed Concept’s design is far more aggressive than anything Smart has ever produced, which is a testament to the revelation that these guys are far more artistic than we gave them credit for.

Designated as Smart’s official ‘speedster’ - although we’re going to use that word a little loosely because of its ’conservative’ powertrain - the Forspeed definitely looks like it can throwdown with the best of ‘em, even if it comes in that small frame.

UPDATE 03/01/11: Check out the updated photo gallery of the Smart Forspeed Concept.

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