The smart forjeremy, which we first saw in concept guise at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, is headed to production. On a limited basis, that is.

We don’t know if we’re happy about this or we think this is a complete novelty.

Make no mistake; we love Jeremy Scott. I, for one, actually have a pair of his Adidas sneakers as part of my collection. But on a car, even the diminutive size of the smart fortwo?

We’re not flipping over backwards, that much we can tell you.

The good thing is that the production version of the forjeremy has been toned down from the concept, which may not seem like much, considering that the wings are still there.

In any case, we understand why this car will still be a popular model. That’s the effect of having Jeremy Scott tied to it. The man is a fashion institution, especially to the younger market, the same market that smart will undoubtedly target for this model.

Can’t say he disagree on that.

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  • 2013 Smart ForJeremy
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
    90 (Est.)
  • Displacement:
    1.0 L
  • 0-60 time:
    13 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    96 mph
  • car segment:
  • body style:


2013 Smart ForJeremy Exterior
- image 503021

The most distinctive parts of the car’s design are those wings. No surprises there. But the rest of the model is surprisingly full of added design, even by its toned-down standards relative to the concept version.

A particularly impressive design addition to the forjeremy is the prevalent use of alubeam, particularly as a color on the tridion safety cell, the door mirror caps and the front grille. That color offers a sharp contrast to the polar white set of 16- and 17-inch monoblock wheels fitted on the car.

And just to be sure that this special-edition fortwo has Jeremy Scott’s design imprint, the vehicle’s mirror triangle and rear lid are embellished by logos and lettering featuring the words "by Jeremy Scott.”


2013 Smart ForJeremy Interior
- image 503017

The interior of the car is very white. It’s also very neatly designed, particularly the seats, door center panels, gear knob and kneepad, all of which have been dressed in embossed leather with white stitching. The seat surfaces feature diamond stitching, while the top part of the instrument panel is covered with embossed black tailor made leather with white contrast stitching.

Finally, the three-spoke sports steering wheel is also covered with white leather, providing the kind of unique design that Jeremy Scott has come to be known for.


2013 Smart ForJeremy High Resolution Exterior
- image 503016

The Smart Forjeremy will be offered in a choice of three different powertrain options, all of which were co-developed by German tuner, Brabus.

The first one is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 102 horsepower. The second is a 55kW (74-horsepower) Brabus electric-drive engine and the third is a 60kW (80-horsepower) Brabus electric-drive engine.

Any of the three options should be good enough because we all know that anybody who buys a smart car, let alone one with wings on it, won’t mind how much output it has.


2013 Smart ForJeremy Exterior
- image 503019

The smart forjeremy will carry a base price of €33,333 ($43,400) for the 1.0-liter, three-cylinder turbo engine version; €34,800 ($45,330) for the 55kW electric drive; and €40,600 ($52,900) for the 60kW Brabus electric drive.

Engine Type Price (€) Price ($)
1.0-liter three cylinder 33,333 43,400
55kW Brabus electric drive 34,800 45,330
60kW Brabus electric drive 40,600 52,900


2013 Fiat 500 by Q->]

2013 Fiat 500 GQ High Resolution Exterior
- image 494040

You’d be hard-pressed to find another car with wings on it so that in itself disqualifies the forjeremy in terms of having a direct competitor. You could slot in the Batmobile in that regard, but that just wouldn’t be fair.

So if you’re looking for a compact city car that can rival the audaciousness of this special edition vehicle, you can opt to go for the new Fiat 500 by GQ. It doesn’t come with the wings, that much we can tell you, but the fact that GQ had a hand in designing it sure makes it a lot more appealing to the "metropolitan man of the third millennium.”


2013 Smart ForJeremy High Resolution Exterior
- image 503018

The smart forjeremy is definitely catered towards a specific market. Not everybody will fancy its completely radical design, but for those who know Jeremy Scott and the work he’s done as a fashion designer - and collaborator with Adidas - they’ll scoop up this special edition model in a heartbeat.

Maybe even faster than that.

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    • Catered for a specific market
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Press Release

Stuttgart/Shanghai, Apr 20, 2013 — The smart forjeremy is going into series production. At the Shanghai Auto Show (21 to 29 April 2013), smart will be showcasing the unique model created together with internationally renowned fashion designer Jeremy Scott, which will be available as an extremely limited special edition licensed for road use. With its striking wings at the rear, the vehicle retains a central design element of the original show car. Production is scheduled to begin in April 2013. The smart fortwo edition by Jeremy Scott is available as a coupé with either a local emission-free electric drive, BRABUS electric drive or a powerful BRABUS 75 kW petrol engine.

2013 Smart ForJeremy High Resolution Exterior
- image 503016

Jeremy Scott gives smart wings – the most eye-catching feature of the new smart fortwo edition by Jeremy Scott is the two vertical wings just above its rear lights. As Jeremy Scott explains: "I wanted to design something out of the ordinary, something that expressed my dreams and fantasies and that transferred my fashion ideas to automotive design. I see myself driving this car and can well imagine my friends and cool people all over the world loving the unique design of this smart."

The tridion safety cell, door mirror caps and radiator grille are all painted in alubeam. By contrast, the bodypanels and 16"/17" Monoblock alloy wheels are finished in polar white in the BRABUS drive variants. The mirror triangle and rear lid are embellished by logos and lettering featuring the words "by Jeremy Scott".

White is also the dominant colour in the interior, together with fine materials: the seats, door centre panels, gear knob (petrol version only) and kneepad are all tailor made with white, embossed leather complete with white stitching. The diamond stitching on the seat surfaces and backs is also found on the door centre panel. The top part of the instrument panel is covered with embossed black tailor made leather and also boasts white contrast stitching. The 3-spoke sports steering wheel is covered with white leather.

A pleasing contrast is created by the dashboard instruments, the trim to the side of the instrument panel and the gearshift trim, all of which are finished in alubeam. The classy look is underlined by black velours floor mats with white leather trim and "Jeremy Scott" in elegant lettering.

A choice of three engines

The exclusive special model is available with three different engine versions. All vehicles will be built by smart-BRABUS GmbH in a tailor made manufacturing process:

  • smart fortwo edition by Jeremy Scottelectric drive: with a 55 kW electric motor
  • smart fortwo edition by Jeremy Scott BRABUS electric drive: with a 60 kW electric motor
  • smart fortwo edition by Jeremy Scott BRABUS: with a 75 kW petrol engine

Exuberant creations: Jeremy Scott

2013 Smart ForJeremy High Resolution Exterior
- image 503018

Wings are one of the recurring design elements used by Jeremy Scott to great effect. Be it sweatshirts, sunglasses, watches or sneakers, winged motifs crop up again and again in his collections. Jeremy Scott is regarded as the last rebel of the fashion scene. When it comes to style and design, he knows neither boundaries nor conventions. His polarising impact has established him as a pop icon and a creator of exceptional fashion designs. Many stars from the music scene have embraced his avant-garde creations – they are worn by leading names such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Madonna, Björk and Kanye West.

Born in Kansas, Missouri, Jeremy Scott first went to New York in 1992 to study fashion design at the Pratt Institute, one of the leading schools of art and design in the USA. After graduating in 1996, he made a beeline for Paris to launch his design career at the tender age of 21. In 1996 and 1997, he won the "Venus de la Mode Award" for the "Best New Designer" and was nominated for the "Best Young Designer" award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 1999. In 2001, the award-winning wunderkind returned to the USA to take up residence in Los Angeles.

Here is an overview of the prices:
smart forjeremy
Engine/power / Engine type
Engine capacity
Price in € (incl. 19% VAT)

1.0 l (75 kW/102 hp) turbo petrol engine / 3-cyl. in-line turbo engine
999 cc
33,333 euro

55 kW electric drive
Electric motor (magneto-electric motor)
34,800 euro

60 kW BRABUS electric drive
Electric motor (magneto-electric motor)
40,600 euro

All prices are based on Germany and include 19% VAT.

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