You can tell just by looking at the Smart Forstars Concept that Smart is diving out of the box with their recent concept offerings. Just like the For-Us Concept that we saw at Geneva, the Forstars Concept is a take on a future urban sports utility coupe that has a chance to appeal to a wide market.

Combining a new style that’s far removed from the conservative nature of Smart with cutting edge technology that we don’t normally see on a Smart, the Forstars Concept is the kind of concept that we’d love to see Smart build as a production model in the future.

Power’s not that much, but Smart has never been one to rely on an excess of horsepower, so it’s not that much of a big deal. In any case, the Forstars Concept is headed to the 2012 Paris Motor Show, at which we’ll see and know more about it.

UPDATE 12/07/12: Smart has released the first official video of the Forstars Concept. We wish they’d release more than just a promo video - we want to see this bad boy in production! - but we’ll take it for now. Click the photo above to check it out!

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    electric motor
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    80 mph
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2013 Smart Forstars Concept High Resolution Exterior
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In what could arguably be the sharpest-looking Smart concept we’ve seen in the company’s history, the Forstars Concept takes the things we love about the Smart profile and adds a few wrinkles to the overall design, resulting in a concept that could sit well with the customers.

The front profile is striking, to say the least. It’s highlighted by new rhombic headlights with outer rings that illuminate the indicators and daytime running lamps that appear to push outwards. This comes courtesy of an obscenely large number of LEDs. Notice also the presence of what Smart describes as "eyebrows" above the front headlamps that really puts a face to the Forstars Concept.

The concept’s squatting stance also gives it a coupe-like look that’s borrowed from the Smart For-Us concept while also adding sportiness and edge to the concept design. Likewise, the transparent red sun visor above the windscreen is a welcome addition as is the charging socket for the high-voltage battery that can be found inside the right-hand tail light.

Alluding to the For-Us, the Forstars also has convex and sensuously shaped body surfaces with the large brand emblem proudly sported on the grille. Unique to the Forstars Concept is the presence of an actual video projector that has been integrated into the grille.

The Forstars Concept also has a tailgate that slides down in a parallel position, with the cargo floor retracting by 280 mm. Lest we forget the concept’s unique "Alubeam Rouge" paint finish that’s perfectly complemented by a set of 21" three-spoke wheels wrapped in Michelin sports tires.


2013 Smart Forstars Concept High Resolution Interior
- image 473308

For all the cutting edge highlights of the Forstars’ exterior, its interior is entirely measured, with a prevailing method of designing it with a combination of style and function. Just like the exterior, the interior was dressed in "Alubeam Rouge" combined with Mother-of-Pearl White and brushed aluminum.

The two seat wheels have been covered with a soft fabric throw, providing a hammock-like seating feel to it with touches of graphic elements and red tones that exudes a dynamic look. The seats have also been trimmed with high-quality white bag leather and added touches of exquisite white piping. Perforated leather in the door paneling are also part of the overall interior presentation, providing a sophisticated contrast to the post-modern look of the cabin.

As for the dash, Smart took the minimalist approach on the Forstars Concept with the two-spoke steering wheel, the control and display elements oriented exclusively to the driver. Where the rear-view mirror typically is, Smart instead placed a smartphone accommodated in a holder at the top of the windscreen. What this does is allow the driver, courtesy of the smartphone and assisted by an integrated video camera, to see the rear while also serving as a media source and controlling the projector.


2013 Smart Forstars Concept High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 473316

With the engine of the Forstars Concept, Smart enlisted the assistance of German tuner Brabus and the latter’s Fortwo BRABUS electric drive. What that means is that the Forstars Concept carries a 30-kW magneto-elecric engine that produces 82 horsepower and 100 lb/ft of torque, good enough to hit a top speed of 81 mph with a lithium-ion battery that carries a capacity of 17.6 kWh.

Is There A Production Future For The Forstars Concept?

2013 Smart Forstars Concept Exterior
- image 473306

Smart has made no intentions regarding the production future of the Forstars Concept, but it’s surely something that we’d love to see out in showrooms. Hopefully, Smart listens to the expected production clamoring for this sports utility coupe concept.

2013 Smart Forstars Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 473319
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