The New York Police Department buys 250 ForTwo city cars for patrol duty

In 2014, Smart decided that the second-generation ForTwo had spent too many years on the market and launched the much-improved, third-generation model. Redesigned from the ground up with help from French automaker Renault, the new ForTwo is a significant departure from its predecessor in terms of design, technology, and drivetrains. Under the hood, the tiny city car continues to use small-displacement, three-cylinder engines, but ditched the previous powerplants in favor of two new units from Renault. It also received a manual transmission for the first time. As far as lineup diversity goes, the ForTwo spawned the usual convertible, Brabus, and all-electric versions.

In 2016, the small German automobile made its debut as a police car for the New York Police Department. The largest municipal police force in the United States ordered no fewer than 250 ForTwos as a replacement for the three-wheel motorbikes it previously used in the city. A welcome decision among policemen, who now benefit from all-weather protection and air conditioning. Currently using around 9,000 vehicles, the New York Police Department quoted the car’s agility and reliability in its decision to turn the 106-inch-long ForTwo into a patrol car.

"The smart is spacious and agile and makes my job much easier. Many people say that the little patrol cars are really cute, too," said Officer Ralph Jefferson, the first policeman to take the ForTwo on patrol duty around Chinatown.

Needless to say, it looks like the days when the NYPD used large vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in the city are long gone. But, this isn’t the first time small cars are preferred in crowded neighborhoods. Back in the 1950s, various police departments around the U.S. acquired Nash Metropolitan economy cars for police duty. At only 149.5 inches long, the Metropolitan was one of the smallest vehicles on American roads and pretty much a Smart ForTwo among the very large cars produced by Detroit.

The ForTwo joins vehicles such as the Ford Taurus, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Volt, and Ford Explorer in the NYPD fleet.

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What makes the Smart ForTwo NYPD Edition special

2016 Smart ForTwo NYPD Edition High Resolution Exterior
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Like most police cars, the ForTwo NYPD stands out by means of police-specific livery, in this case the NYPD’s bright-blue and white colors, the department’s crest, and its "Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect" motto. A pair of blue revolving roof lamps round off the exterior. Inside, the city car features the mandatory police radio equipment, but other than that, there’s no information as to what trim levels these cars were ordered with. All cars are motivated by the 0.9-liter three-cylinder engine with 89 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque. Granted, that’s not the kind of output you’d want for a highway pursuit, but it’s more than enough for city patrol duties.

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New York City Police Department orders 250 smart fortwos
smart forcops
Stuttgart/New York. smart USA has delivered the first 100 smart fortwo vehicles to the New York police and a further 150 cars have been ordered. With this measure the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is replacing the three-wheel motorbikes previously used in the city.

2016 Smart ForTwo NYPD Edition High Resolution Exterior
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Agile, spacious, reliable: these are the main reasons why the Support Services Bureau (SSB) of the New York police, under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Robert S. Martinez, decided to supplement the
9000 vehicle fleet of the New York law enforcers with 250 smart fortwos.
A further decisive feature: unlike the three-wheel motorbikes used to date the smarts have air conditioning, making work easier for the police on patrol duty in the hot New York summer.
The white and blue police smarts have specific equipment, including a blue revolving roof lamp and police radio equipment. Officer Ralph Jefferson, who took receipt of one of the first smart fortwos and drives it around Chinatown, is very pleased: "The smart is spacious and agile and makes my job much easier. Many people say that the little patrol cars are really cute, too."

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