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2023 Smart #1

Smart #1 is a new beginning for the boutique manufacturer and the first of many all-electric models from the brand

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Smart is one of the automotive names you don’t hear often. While most of their models are rather unremarkable, the brand marks new beginnings with an all-new EV model. We first talked about the Smart #1 compact SUV in September 2021, when it made a debut at the IAA Munich Auto Show, and now, we have more details on it.

Smart is no longer a struggling boutique carmaker like it used to be. It is now a 50:50 joint venture between Daimler and the Chinese company Geely. Smart #1 is the first model of the rebooted brand and it lays the foundation of the company’s EV-only strategy.

Smart’s compact EV comes with a single, rear-mounted electric motor, which produces 200 kilowatts (268 horsepower) and drives the rear wheels. There is also a 66-kWh battery, which allows for a range of 273 miles (445 km), according to the WLTP standard.

2023 Smart #1
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The first Smart #1 to be produced exclusively in China
As part of the Daimler-Geely joint venture, the Smart #1 will be manufactured in China and based on Geely’s SEA platform

The compact EV will be capable of AC charging, which allows for a 10- to 80-percent charge in three hours, at 22 kW. With DC charging, the 10- to 80-percent charging comes in under 30 minutes, at 150 kW.

2023 Smart #1 specifications
Powertrain electric engine, rear-wheel drive
Power 268 HP
Torque 252 LB-FT
Battery 66-kWh
Range 273 miles (445 km)
Top Speed 180 km/h (112 mph)
2023 Smart #1
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With the new model comes a new design language of the brand. The design is very similar to what we see on the Mini Countryman. At 168.9 inches (4,290 mm) long, 75.1 inches (1,910 mm) wide, 67 inches (1,700 mm) tall, and with a wheelbase of 108.2 inches (2,750 mm), the Smart #1 is well into sub-compact SUV territory.

2023 Smart #1 exterior dimensions
Length 168.9 inches (4,290 mm)
Width 75.1 inches (1,910 mm)
Height 67 inches (1,700 mm)
Wheelbase 108.2 inches (2,750 mm)
2023 Smart #1
- image 1069878
The Mercedes connection is apparent
The tall, sloped center console, nicely trimmed air ducts, and centrally-positioned, 12.8-inch touchscreen are reminiscent of current Mercedes models

The interior of the Smart #1 is one place where the Daimler connection can easily be noticed. Much of the cockpit styling features design cues from the latest Mercedes models. The flat-bottom steering wheel incorporates clusters of buttons, resembling those on some Mercedes models.

The same is true for the high-center console and centrally-positioned, 12.8-inch infotainment screen, protruding from the top of the dashboard. The flexible interior allows the rear seats to move back and forth, depending on whether you need more legroom or cargo space.

2023 Smart #1
- image 1069905
The Smart #1 will be the most powerful Smart ever made
The first all-electric Smart will come with a single electric motor, powering the rear wheels. Maximum output is rated at 200 kW (268 hp)

As part of the Daimler-Geely joint venture, the compact EV will be built in China and based on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). Production of the Smart #1 is scheduled for the last quarter of 2022. In addition to being a new start for the boutique manufacturer, this is also the largest Smart model ever made. At the time of writing this, the sub-compact EV is in the process of EU homologation. Prices are yet to be announced.

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