Smart Brabus tailor made

Smart Brabus tailor made
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The smallest of Mercedes Benz’s offerings has stepped up its game at the Frankfurt Motor Show when the high end tuning house Brabus unveiled their tailor made special edition Smart car. The package offers new car shoppers the choice of over thousands of exterior color choices as well as taillor made leather interiors and convertible soft top. The Smart Brabus tailor mades are made to measure in the truest sense of the word.

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Press release

smart is introducing a new service that aims to meet the requirements of all those customers who want to drive a smart fortwo customised to their own ideas. The guiding principle of the new "tailor made" programme is "Anything is possible". To accomplish this smart is offering extensive special equipment options in addition to the normal equipment variants. For example, customers can choose the exterior colour, types of leather and cabrio soft top colour from a wide range. There are barely any limits. The following are available:

Smart Brabus tailor made
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  • Exterior finishes in thousands of different colours
  • Automotive leather in around 100 colours and exclusive design variants
  • Six cabrio soft top colours
  • The whole smart and smart-BRABUS range of accessories

Those who feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities can choose from attractive "tailor made" packages.

Smart Brabus tailor made
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The "tailor made" models are made-to-measure in the truest sense of the word. This means that not only are they individually made; they are customised at the factory with masterly craftsmanship using top quality materials and parts tested by the manufacturer. And of course they come with a full manufacturer’s guarantee.

Smart BRABUS tailor made sets new standards of car customisation in this class.

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