CO2 emission is a very serious problem in our days. This is why the car makers are making the impossible to make their cars less danger for the environment. But how about a zero emission town and city car? The idea comes from Smart with the unveiling of their fortwo electric drive (ed), a model powered not buy an engine, but by a 41 bhp magnetic motor.

The engine runs at the rear of the smart fortwo electric drive that is driven by a high-performance, high-temperature battery made from environmentally compatible sodium-nickel-chloride. This is housed in the underbody, which means that the interior space is not compromised.

Boasting NEDC consumption of just 12 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometres and zero carbon dioxide emissions, the smart fortwo electric drive is the most economical and climate-friendly alternative in urban traffic. When charged, the 30 kW/41 bhp two-door car can travel around 115 kilometres (EUDC). When the battery is empty, it can be charged at any 230 volt power socket – at least 1000 times. The battery lasts for up to ten years. It takes four hours to charge it to 80 percent capacity and eight hours to charge it to full capacity.

The NEDC consumption costs stand at around just € 0.02 per kilometre, far below those of a combustion engine – despite offering almost the same performance. Acceleration from zero to 60 km/h is similar to that of the petrol variants and the car has a maximum speed of 112 km/h.

Furthermore, as a zero emission car the smart fortwo electric drive enjoys tax advantages in many countries and is exempt from local restrictions such as the congestion charge. This small electric car offers a combination of agility, economy and environmental compatibility that is unique in this class.

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