Khyzyl or “The Kyza” is one of best automotive pixel manipulators out there

A car’s journey from idea to palpable object can stretch over four, five, or even more years. Regardless of the R&D window length, it’s always the idea that sparks whatever comes next and ideas come from people. The car industry has seen its fair share of design pioneers that believed in changing the game rather than follow it, so where does that leave today’s digital artists with a crush on cars?

The answer to that question comes from Khyzyl Saleem, the proud owner of one of the most drool-worthy car-centric Instagram accounts you’ve ever followed. Seriously, if you’re not following The Kyza on social media, then do it right away. You’ll never get tires of scrolling through his feeds.

Who is Khyzyl Saleem?

Khyzyl, 26, is a self-taught concept artist and car design ace based in Guildford, Surrey, U.K. What’s truly amazing about his work is that it’s all the product of his never-ending creativity. He designs his cars from a blank sheet of digital paper and does his own models before he actually “dresses” the cars and places them in those retro-futuristic settings present in most of his work.

He’s a big fan of motorsport and he also has a soft spot for Polestar, which helped a lot when EA Games commissioned him to draw the wide-body, split-wing Polestar 1 that made it on the cover of Need For Speed Heat.

Speaking in an interview for Polestar, Khyzyl mentioned that he tried to make the car look more aggressive without altering the original body shape. This is something you see in almost every car he designs and we believe that’s beautiful: although highly-modded, Kyzyl’s cars are still recognizable, as you can easily spot the “donor” car and its unique cues.

Like many other artists in the game, Khyzyl used to work a full-time job but that’s in the past now, as he decided to focus solely on creating car designs and body kits.

“It’s quite a risk, you know. But sometimes you have to take these risks to see where you end up and I’ve been wanting to concentrate on designing body kits properly full-time. There are things I want to see to life and the only way I can do that is to really dedicate time towards that.”

It surely looks like things are working out nicely for Khyzyl and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and ArtStation. We also attached some of his work below, so enjoy.

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