Spectre Performance Speedliner videos

The Spectre Performance SpeedLiner began its life as a fuel tank for a Canadian VooDoo bomber and has since evolved into the SpeedLiner at Performance Fabrication in San Carlos, California. In the years since, the SpeedLiner has been built specifically to compete in the Unlimited Blown Gas Streamliner (AA/BGS) class, where it secured numerous records, thanks in large part to its aerodynamic features. The Spectre Performance team always brings five engines with them, one for each class the SpeedLiner competes in. All these engines come from 1960's-era Cadillac blocks, heads and cranks with the usual race-ready components, Garrett turbochargers, and an air-shifted five-speed transmission. They have also been slightly modified with racing internals and intercooled turbochargers, with two of the engines capable of producing a staggering output of 2,000 horsepower.