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Being pulled over for speeding always seems to happen at the worst time. When you are running late for some reason or another and the last thing you need is another delay. The thing that most people who speed do not realize is that there are many of ways to limit your chances of getting a speeding ticket.

While we do not support poor or dangerous driving, we do understand that there are often legitimate reasons to why people speed. It may seem obvious but there is only one guaranteed way you can avoid a speeding ticket and that is to drive within the speed limit at all times.

In this article, we would like to tell you how to avoid getting a speeding ticket for those moments where speeding is necessary. Do not think we are guarantying that you will never get a ticket. What we are doing is giving you a few tips on how to improve your odds of getting a ticket.

Driving the proper type of car

It is important to make sure that you are driving the right type of car when speeding. The best way to avoid a ticket is to make sure that nothing about your car draws attention.

If you drive, a brightly colored car it may look like it is going faster than it actually is, and your chances of being pulled over are higher. The choice of color makes a difference on the appearance of a car. Cars that are light in color have a tendency to blend in with the environment. Dark colors like black and navy not only blend in, they look serious.

Any modifications like neon lights, bass, loud exhausts, and dark tints could also draw a cop’s attention. If you have any dents or rust spots on your car, you should get them fixed. Having dents on your car means, you have gotten into an accident.

A better explanation is that people who take good care of their cars are responsible drivers.

How to avoid getting a speeding ticket
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Radar Detectors

Another good idea to avoid a speeding ticket is to make sure that you have the right electronic devices. Although radar detectors are not always accurate, they can be a big help. Buying the right radar detector is important, but price does not always determine how good a radar detector is. You would need to research on what would be the best one for you. There are a few problems with radars detectors, and they cannot be completely relied on. They cannot read up hills or around corners, and cops have learned to keep their radars units off until they see a potential speeder. Once they have turned on the radar unit to scan your speed, it would be too late for your radar detector to warn you. If you are pulled over with a radar detector, please be warned that they might not be legal and if they are legal in your state, cops will not go easy on you.

Where are radar decectors legal?

Detectors are legal in all states except Virginia and the District of Columbia. They are legal in the following Canadian provinces as well: Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. On US military bases, they are legal to have but illegal to use.

How to avoid getting a speeding ticket
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Be alert

Make sure that you are alert and aware of your situation on the road. You should always keep on eye on everything around you especially on the ramps on major highways. The cars on a highway is like a herd of cows, if you see that everyone is braking than it is time for you to break, because there is a likely chance that there is cop up front. It is important not to stand out of the “herd” or the “wolf” (cop) will get you.

Be aware of any hiding places like behind trees, and around bends.

Try not to speed up a hill, because you have no way of seeing what is over the hill. If there is a police car there with a radar gun, you will be caught before you even see him.

You should also try to drive in the right lane as much as possible. The police know that people who speed go on the left lane, so try to make your pass in the left lane and get back into the right lane as quickly as possibly can. Try not to weave in and out of traffic because you will definitely draw attention to yourself, which is what we are trying to avoid.

Always keep try to your eyes on your rearview mirror. At night, it is very important to keep a look out on your rearview mirror for any car that may be approaching from the rear very quickly. If you are going at the speed of 75 or 80 mph down the highway and you see a car creeping up on you, it is possible that it is a patrol car doing what is called a "Paced Speeding Ticket." That is when a patrol car follows you for a certain amount of time reading out your speed from his speedometer or radar unit. To avoid this from happening you should try to learn what a patrol car looks like in the rearview mirror. Learn the decals and any distinct symbols on the cars. It is important to learn what the headlights of the patrol car look like at night. The more you practice the better you will get at it.

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Using another speeder

You should try to follow another speeder at a reasonable distance, like a quarter of a mile or so, because they will act as a target for the radar trap and will be stopped before you even get to the scene. This will give you time to spot the police before they do and give you time to slow down. Just do not forget too continue looking through your rearview mirror because the patrol car may have spotted him from a distance behind and is going to follow behind you to try to overtake him.

If you do see cop do not slam your foot on the brakes

If you do see a cop, do not panic and slam on your brakes. This will not only make you noticeable to the officer, but it will put you in danger of a car crash, especially if you lose control, and your tires squeal. What you should do is, immediately try to release the gas petal and downshift, or take off the overdrive if you are driving an automatic. This will help to drop your speed rapidly, but be sure to keep your eyes on the car behind and in front of you to avoid any accidents.

Speed Traps

Speed traps are important to know about and could be a real big help in avoiding tickets, as well as traffic. You can find out where there are possible speed traps on your morning news. If you happen to miss the morning news, you could also go online to the web site www.speedtrap.org, and read on where any speed traps may be.

While speeding is not recommended, following these tips will help you in avoiding a possible speeding ticket. By using the proper car, the right equipment, being alert, using another speeder, and finding the speed traps you will increase your chances of getting away without a speeding ticket. These tips may help but are not a guarantee to avoiding a speeding ticket.

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