The Tsukuba Circuit is known to provide the ground for many of Japan’s top tuners and the hot spot for time attack events.Here, few cars can turn sub-1minute lap time and even fewer hold thge title of fastest car in their class.One of Japan’s premiere Subaru-only tuners, Zero/Sports send this 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX on the track.So the 400hp-car piloted by Eiji "Tarzan" Yamada lapped Tsukuba in 57.285 seconds in December 2005, and so become the fastest WRX.

This year Zero/Sports will partner with EDO Performance of Huntington Beach, Calif. to market and distribute its catalog of parts in North America, where Zero/Sports products have been difficult to obtain. The time attack WRX will be used as a demo and campaign its full product line at car shows and track events, including Hot Import Nights, IAS SEMA and several NASA events nationwide.

2006 Zero/Sports Impreza WRX
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EDO Performance has already made the rounds at several venues such as GT Live and SEMA last year. It competed in the Super Street/Euro Tuner Time Attack at Buttonwillow, most recently, where it placed second in its class (Unlimited AWD) and third overall. Even more impressive was that it finished more than one second ahead of the Mines R34 GT-R, one of the fastest Skylines.

2006 Zero/Sports Impreza WRX
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Subaru STi Zerosport 003.jpg

So what is the secret beneath?The stock turbo was replaced by Zero/Sports with a IHI RX6 turbo.The ball bearing center housing allows the turbo to spool up quickly, which provides plenty of low end grunt and a large powerband to power out of corners. Snaking away from the 2.0-liter EJ20 is a Zero/Sports exhaust manifold and a free-flowing Zero/Sports World League catback exhaust that releases the deep burble of the boxer engine. With a finely tuned Zero/Sports S.P.DATAR engine management system, this WRX is able to put down twice as much power as a stock car. Four-hundred horsepower is transferred to all four wheels via a Zero/Sports N1 clutch kit and Zero/Sports front and rear GT LSD.

2006 Zero/Sports Impreza WRX
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Subaru STi Zerosport 001.jpg

Some of most important part of WRX’s winning formula, the aerodynamics and grip were careful analyzed.The front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper are visually aggressive, yet functional. A large chin spoiler integrated into the front bumper and canards on both sides produce downforce at high speeds. The gaping front end, which some have likened to a catfish’s mouth, allows cool air to be channeled directly to a custom V-mount intercooler and out though the hood vent.The lip on the leading edge of the front hood vent directs air over the hood, into the hood scoop and into the engine bay. The Zero/Sports roof vanes herd fast moving air molecules onto the rear wing, which provides even more downforce.

2006 Zero/Sports Impreza WRX
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Subaru STi Zerosport 004.jpg

Zero/Sports widened the track of the WRX with a custom widebody kit, which allows wider tires to be used. Eighteen inch Advan Racing RS wheels wrapped in Advan A048 racing compounds keep the car planted on the tarmac. Bringing it to a stop is Zero/Sports’ 6-pot brake caliper kit with Zero/Sports rotors and pads. Not to be overlooked are the Zero/Sports Winning R 6-way adjustable coilovers and front and rear stabilizer bars. The suspension tuning

Saving weight is just as important as adding power, for most of time attack cars. The weight affects acceleration, braking and handling, so the interior has been stripped down to the World Rally Blue sheet metal, leaving only the essentials. A Takata 4-point harness secures the driver in the Recaro racing seats as he hustles through the course and monitors the car’s vitals with the Defi tachometer, boost, oil temperature and fuel pressure gauges.

2006 Zero/Sports Impreza WRX
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  •  IHI RX6 TCW76 turbo
  •  Zero/Sports S.P.DATAR ECU
  •  Zero/Sports exhaust manifold
  •  Zero/Sports World League catback exhaust
  •  Zero/Sports N1 clutch kit
  •  Zero/Sports GT LSD (F/R)
  •  Zero/Sports N1 aluminum radiator
  •  Zero/Sports N1 oil cooler
  •  Zero/Sports SP Titanium C oil additive
  •  Custom V-mount intercooler


  •  Zero/Sports Winning R 6-way adjustable coilovers
  •  Zero/Sports swaybar (F/R)
  •  Zero/Sports PG front strut tower bar


  •  Zero/Sports 6-pot Brake Caliper Kit
  •  Zero/Sports brake pads and rotors


  •  Yokohama Advan Racing RS (18x9 +22)
  •  Yokohama Advan A048 (245/40/18)


  •  Zero/Sports Front Bumper
  •  Zero/Sports Rear Bumper
  •  Zero/Sports Side Skirts


  •  Takata 4-point harness
  •  Recaro Bucket Seat
  •  Defi tachometer
  •  Defi oil temperature gauge
  •  Defi boost gauge
  •  Defi fuel pressure indicator

Source: Photo credits: Scott Dukes

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  (6021) posted on 03.22.2008

This thing beat a Skyline? DAMN! I find that hard to believe but then the Skyline is larger and that can affect its performance on a track like that.
But whether that is true or not that lap time is still impressive. WELL DONE!

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