Subaru revealed today the Impreza STI 20th Anniversary edition for the Japanese market (the U.S. got the first batch of WRXs in 2000.) Based on the WRX STI, the white-only anniversary edition comes with an upgraded suspension and 18-inch cast aluminum wheels. Inside, Subaru is offering Recaro seats and a leather gear knob.

Like any good commemorative car, the anniversary edition also comes with plenty of badging to tell others just how unique you really are. Then again, with a price of 4,126,500 yen (about $42,200) and production limited to 300 units, you may actually be special.

  • 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 20th anniversary edition
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  (1) posted on 06.12.2009

This car is totaly awesome

  (1024) posted on 10.29.2008

According to Evo mag, it does get 25mpg.

  (1) posted on 10.28.2008

25mpg??? Sounds very optimistic, my 05 Outback 2.5XT only averaged about 22-23 mpg cruising cross country (have done this twice in the last year with the same average). When I am driving around home I only average about 19.5. If I decide to get on it hard, my mpg drops way off. Granted my outback is heavier, but not that much!

  (1024) posted on 10.27.2008

HAHA! The price tag isn’t bad either.

  (233) posted on 10.27.2008

even better... we’ll do all that while driving in reverse blaring our music with windshield wipers on just for kicks... and our emergency flashers haha.... i love drawing attention doing stupid

  (1024) posted on 10.27.2008

I agree. I also think we should make out with girls while going at high speeds and give the police one fingered salutes while doing so.

Ah, there is nothing like voicing our dirty opinions on a car site.

  (233) posted on 10.26.2008

we need to go wrap a house or something so we can stop maturing haha or maybe do some donuts in a walmart parking lot when its wet smiley

  (1024) posted on 10.24.2008

Maybe you and I are becoming more mature.
Damn it!

  (233) posted on 10.24.2008

yea it kinda has a sophisticated yet still badass look... i have to admit at first i didn’t like it too much either but its definitely grown on me

  (1024) posted on 10.24.2008

The STi gives around 25mpg on track use on, I doubt you will ever see an EVO get that. Those guys are also praising the gearbox while Edmunds can’t seem to get it right. So much for them being experts.

While this version seems to have too much understeer, it can be solved by a better set of tyres.

I have finally gotten my heada round for the stlying. A car that gets 25mpg with track use- who wouldn’t love that?

pdaix  (433) posted on 10.23.2008

I still love the new STI for its looks, but for god sake it is getting killed in every single review when compared to the EVO ... sniff... Subaru is becoming an utilitarian hatchback these days...

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