The Isle of Man’s 37.75-mile, 200-turn Mountain Race Circuit is one of those tracks that test a person’s endurance over a pretty long distance. It’s a little more than two-and-a-half times the length of the Nurburgring so you can expect it to be as daunting as any race track in the world, even for the standards of superbikes that race in the circuit every year.

That’s why we found it surprising to find out that a Subaru Impreza WRX STI broke the lap record for a four-wheeled vehicle in the track after the record stood for 21 years.

Driven by former British Rally champion and WRC veteran Mark Higgins, the Impreza WRX STI clocked an impressive - by its standards – time of just under 20 minutes, with an average lap speed of 115.356 MPH, breaking the previous lap record by more than two minutes. Late rally veteran Tony Pond set the previous record back in 1990 while driving a Rover 827 Vitesse.

Congratulations to both Subaru and Mark Higgins for the new record and here’s to hoping that we won’t have to wait 21 years for this record to be broken.

UPDATE 06/23/2011: Subaru has released a 5 minute 25 second video highlighting rally driver Mark Higgins’ lap that averaged 115.356 MPH. Towards the end of the video, Higgins tells the tale of when he lost and then regained control of the Subaru.

Hit the jump for details on the Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man and to see what Higgins has to say about the record breaking lap.

UPDATE 11/07/2011: The WRX STI Isle of Man TT Mark Higgins has been displayed at this year’s SEMA Show and this was the perfect opportunity for us to give you some live pictures of the car. We hope you will enjoy them. Check the picture gallery to see them.

  • 2011 Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man TT Mark Higgins
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    DOHC intercooled, turbocharged aluminum–alloy 4-cylinder boxer engine
  • Transmission:
    6-speed manually operated sequential gearbox
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    2500 L
  • Layout:
  • car segment:
  • body style:


2011 Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man TT Mark Higgins Exterior
- image 423459

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI was given a shot at breaking the record as part of a new agreement signed by Subaru of America to be the sponsor for the Isle of Man TT races while also becoming the official car of the yearly event. The Impreza was a production US spec that was powered by a 2.5 liter DOHC intercooled, turbocharged aluminum–alloy 4-cylinder boxer engine delivering 305 HP and 451 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manually operated sequential gearbox that sends the power to all the four wheels. In order to be rendered safe for the challenge, the vehicle was equipped with a Lifeline fire suppression system, Hockley Motorsports roll cage, motordrive competition seats, Mintex brake pads, and a louder open exhaust. Other additions were Tien springs and dampers, and a new set of 15x7 Gravel rally wheels combined with street legal Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tires and AP/STI gravel rally brakes. The speed limiter was also turned off.

Exterior and Interior

2011 Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man TT Mark Higgins Exterior
- image 405399

The exterior of the Impreza can be distinguished by a seam welded shell, STI carbon fiber roof scoop, 1/4 inch Aluminum sump guard, composite under-floor protection, carbon fiber rear wing, stainless steel 3 inch, quick change, and Vision X HID driving lights - housed in carbon fiber, hood mounted, light pod. The interior is equipped with Recaro ProRacer seats, a modified STI Dash, carbon fiber door-cards and co-driver footrest, seatbelt harnesses, a hydraulic handbrake, and a Coralba C-Giant rally computer.

Mark Higgins’ Thoughts on the Record-Breaking Lap

2011 Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man TT Mark Higgins
- image 405669

"This is one of the most daunting tracks I have ever driven, and the most terrifying," said Higgins, a Manx native. "We were only able to get two practice runs and on our second practice I had the biggest ’moment’ of my career. We had a passenger on the run and so coming into Bray Hill at more than 150 MPH, the extra weight compressed the suspension more than on previous runs and shifted the Subaru to the left and then right as I corrected—it was a real tank slapper. The whole thing went by so quickly that we never slowed below 110 MPH, and then we were back on the power. It was amazing and the helicopter shots really show just how hairy it really was."

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  (559) posted on 12.11.2011

The video is really nice! Well, I never that Subaru vehicle could truly be so powerful like this, and it absolutely amazed me! smiley it is certainly an achievement for them to have that outstanding performance!

  (384) posted on 07.1.2011

That was a great opportunity to Subaru Impreza to having an outstanding record for Isle of Man race. All of us here were very impressed with its performance.

  (488) posted on 06.17.2011

That is such a very impressive record. The stats showed in a very detailed manner and I would like to commend Mark Higgins for breaking its record. How lucky that Subaru Impreza will become the official car for Isle of Man TT races.

  (596) posted on 06.14.2011

Well now, that one is definitely an achievement for the WRX. I must say that this car is really keeping me surprised all the time. At first, I thought that it was just a wimpy compact.

  (378) posted on 06.13.2011

Well for me, its quite impressive after all. They have done a beautiful work on this one that’s why I think is the main reason how it breaks the record.

  (412) posted on 06.13.2011

We.. what do you know. And I thought at risk that the Impreza would not be able to make it here. Well, guess I am totally wrong, as the car actually did rather good here.

  (630) posted on 06.13.2011

Wow! Ever since this car was praised for having an impressive performance and I agree that its not shocking hearing this car break a lap time record!

  (613) posted on 06.10.2011

OK, that one is really very impressive. But I am not all that surprised with this. Why? Because the WRX STI already has what it takes to pull this one off. Just take a look at those specs.

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