An aftermarket turning company often finds ways to make its programs stand out from the rest of the competition. In some cases, it’s for the better but there are those times when the result is just plain weird.

Bee Racing’s program for the Subaru BRZ is a combination of both.

The program is impressive because Bee Racing not only installed an aero kit, but then combined it with a modified interior, a new set of wheels, an DG5-built suspension, an aftermarket header, a custom-built muffler, and a Tomei limited-slip differential. More importantly, though, is that Bee Racing acknowledges that the project is still far from a finished product.

The body kit, which comes courtesy of Rocket Bunny, required the Bee Racing to tweak the BRZ’s front end to look more like a Toyota GT 86 just so it could install the aero kit. While doing that, Bee Racing also installed Bride racing seats and a Drift Works steering wheel.

Here’s where it gets weird, though. We get the part — to a certain degree — about giving the BRZ a facelift to make it look like a GT 86. What we don’t get are the Scion badges slapped into the BRZ. Did Bee Racing want to run the full gamut of all three sports cars sisters in one vehicle?

If you’re prepared to let that one go, you have to admit that this project car actually looks pretty amazing. We can’t wait to see Bee Racing add a little more performance to this package.


Source: XCar Films

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