So, Toyota is ready to present their GT-86 endurance race car? Subaru isn’t sweating that one out because they themselves have a racer up their sleeves.

The Subaru BRZ, the GT 86’s sister from another mister, is getting a race-spec version, except that instead of it hitting the endurance block, it’s being primed for the rally scene.

The car, which is being called the BRZ "Zero Car" or "Opening Car," actually made its debut at the 2012 Japan Rally Championship on July 28th and 29th as a race-livered sports car that has been customized for rally use. It has a number of new features, including a front chin spoiler and a rear wing, as well as a new set of white-finished alloy wheels.

Further details about the car are expected to be revealed by the Japanese automaker in the coming days. What we do know is that, judging by the photo Subaru dropped on us over the weekend, the BRZ "Zero" is looking like it has a future in the rally scene, not just in Japan, but everywhere else as well.


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