It might not be immediately obvious, but what you are looking at here is a preview of the next generation of the Subaru Legacy. The current generation of the Legacy is still pretty new, but that just means that Subaru has a lot of time to play around with wacky concepts in order to gauge the public response to various aspects of the design. This concept is called the Viziv Future Concept, and it will be officially debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept is semi-autonomous, has two fewer doors than the production version of the Legacy and features a wacky sci-fi interior, but there is some very clear evolution of current Subaru ideas in this car.

The name Viziv is said to be a shortening of “vision for innovation”, and is therefore pretty standard concept fare. Also pretty standard for a concept is the bikes that the concept is carrying, a car show trope that signals a car for active/young people to use for active and young things. Subaru can at least be commended for choosing bikes that match the car so well. And the truth is that the Legacy is good for those sorts of things and this future one probably would be too.

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2015 Subaru Viziv Future Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Like so many Subaru products before it, the Viziv blurs the line between wagon and crossover. This has become more common with other manufacturers of late, but Subaru has been doing it for decades. There is a clear attempt to show off the car’s potential off-roading potential, and this can probably be taken to mean that this is meant specifically to be an Outback variant of the Legacy.

We probably should expect to see a two-door Outback anytime soon, or anything with those mirrors, but the overall exterior design of the car is very much rooted in reality. It’s even got a bit of that body cladding that Subaru likes to put on Outbacks to convey their off-road worthiness. All told, it is a good looking vehicle, and it would be a good move for Subaru to use this design language for upcoming models.


2015 Subaru Viziv Future Concept High Resolution Interior
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The interior of the Viziv has a more futuristic look to it than the exterior. The layout is pretty conventional, complete with very practical folding rear seats, but things like the vents that look like jet turbines and the spaceship-like instruments are very much concept norms. Some of these make a lot of sense though. The entire center stack being just one big touch screen is hardly difficult to imagine as a reality in the near future that this car is said to be from.

The gauges having been replaced by screens is already happening, even if this concept does have some puzzling extra gauges mixed in. The rear of the interior has a built-in bike rack, because concept, but you can feel free to not think of that as a realistic option. The seats might look a bit plastic-y and uncomfortable, and the orange is likely to be too much for a lot of people, but toning this cabin down for production would not be a difficult thing to do.


2015 Subaru Viziv Future Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 649697

Subaru didn’t give much in the way of specifics about the engine in the Viziv, but since it was stated that it shared a downsized engine with the Levorg, we know that it is a turbocharged 1.6-liter flat 4. But unlike the Levorg, the Viziv is a hybrid, and in place of the traditional all-wheel-drive system, there is an electric all-wheel-drive system that eliminated the need for a driveshaft to send power to the rear wheels. There are no power figures for this, but that’s normal for a concept, and Subaru doesn’t intend for you to do much of the driving anyway.

The Viziv is about evolving more than Subaru's styling, and the concept is meant to be a platform for a future of the EyeSight system

The Viziv is about evolving more than Subaru’s styling, and the concept is meant to be a platform for a future of the EyeSight system. This is the name of Subaru’s current suite of driver’s aides and semi-autonomous features, which Subaru has imagined having evolved enough to take over the bulk of the driving duties on the Viziv.

This includes highly accurate GPS, and the vehicle’s ability to plan a route based on things like real-time weather and traffic information. But it doesn’t appear as though Subaru is looking so far into the future that the car would be driving itself all of the time. It seems more geared to the more tedious aspects of driving, such as long highway trips and parking. You would probably have the option to do all of those things yourself though, and the off-road driving that Subaru wants to be sure you know the Viziv is capable of would have to be handled by a human as well.


2015 Subaru Viziv Future Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 649698

For a wacky futuristic concept, the Viziv isn’t really all that wacky, or even all that futuristic. All of the concept bits are really just dressing over pretty sensible design ideas and realistic technological forecasts. This isn’t one of those concepts made to get us excited about the future of the automotive industry, or even the future of Subaru, it’s just a look at the not too distant future of one model. But that’s fine, the concept does a good job of making the future Legacy Outback look appealing. Hopefully it will even help with the recent decline in Legacy sales in the U.S.

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Press Release

Subaru VIZIV Future Concept is a SUV-type concept model embodying the future vision of car development for “enjoyment and peace of mind” that Subaru wants to provide to customers. Along with a package of design features that motivate the owner to get out and get active, this car gives a look at next-generation technologies that will further enhance the reputation of Subaru for “enjoyment and peace of mind” in driving. Among them are the automatic driving technology resulting from the ongoing evolution of EyeSight, and the power unit combining a downsized turbo engine with a hybrid system. Subaru remains focused on providing cars that enrich the lives of customers, as the start of an exciting new chapter. The Subaru VIZIV Future Concept gives a glimpse at the future Subaru has in mind for the brand.

2015 Subaru Viziv Future Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 649700

1. Design

The design concept is “Subaru & Active Life”. Giving concrete form to the Subaru Dynamic & Solid design theme, the design clearly shows the value of “enjoyment and peace of mind”, while generating the urge to go out and actively discover the wide world.

•The body as a three-dimensional solid form is given a clear polished surface enhancing the impression of high density and sturdiness. This design along with the powerfully extended fenders expressing the reliability of Subaru All-Wheel Drive (AWD) evoke the safety, enjoyment, and peace of mind of Subaru.
•A true SUV style is expressed throughout, by the strong motifs starting from the hexagonal grill that symbolizes the Subaru identity and flowing to the sides and then ascending to the rear pillar, as well as by the dynamic and wide bumper motif.

•The interior design heightens peace of mind and the anticipation of driving, by means of a dynamic motif spreading out symmetrically from the cutting-edge interface between the center and powerful frame.
•An active life style is evoked by the beige and black contrast along with the use of orange as a unified accent color inside and out, creating a sporty and joyful space.
•A camera for monitoring the driver is located on the instrument panel glare shield, further adding to peace of mind when driving.

2. Mechanisms

Advanced safety / human-machine interface (HMI) / telematics

“Enjoyment and peace of mind” have been expanded by making advancements to EyeSight, Subaru’s original stereo camera-using technology, and by merging the linking technologies like vehicle-to-external communications and telematics. Element technologies have been incorporated that will lead to development of automatic driving worthy of Subaru.

2015 Subaru Viziv Future Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 649701

1) Combining the advanced front recognition of EyeSight with all-direction radar sensing, the traffic environment around the vehicle and risk from all sides are monitored. In addition, high-accuracy GPS and map data are used to pinpoint the vehicle location with high precision; and optimum control is applied based on curves, lane lines, and other information about the route ahead. Thanks to these technologies, not only is collision avoidance realized during straight-ahead movement, but avoidance of collision in all directions, with vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, when turning at intersections or when backing up, is also enhanced. Automatic driving is realized at all speeds on expressways, and automatic parking is supported at home or in commercial facilities’ parking lots.

2) The adoption of technological advances in telematics and HMI enables anticipation of traffic, weather, and other conditions along the route ahead, as well as effective communication of intentions with people and vehicles. Communication of information supporting the customer’s hobbies and other aspects of an active life is another feature of automatic driving that imparts driving peace of mind while making car life more interesting.

Power unit

(a) Next-generation hybrid system

The next-generation hybrid system has advanced every aspect of the system first launched on the market with the Subaru XV Hybrid. The combination with a downsized turbo engine improves fuel efficiency, while at the same time the smooth, linear feel when accelerating brings driving enjoyment.

(b) Next-generation downsized direct-injection turbo engine

2015 Subaru Viziv Future Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 649702

The downsized turbo engine adopted by Subaru for the first time in the Levorg has been further advanced, and optimized in all dimensions specifically for the next generation of cars. Compact size, light weight, and net thermal efficiency that is top in the segment raise to a new level the ability of Subaru to combine enjoyable driving with fuel efficiency.

(c) Symmetrical motor AWD

The propeller shaft has been eliminated by mounting the single motor concentrically on the rear axle in a compact layout. In addition to AWD capabilities, a flat floor is realized for an expansive, comfortable interior space. Moreover, it inherits the Subaru AWD performance while further improving maneuverability, thanks to the vectoring effect of actively controlling front/rear driving force distribution.

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