There’s a new kid on the Gymkhana block and it comes from Subaru

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Travis Pastrana will be taking the reins from Ken Block in Gymkhana 11, Subaru sniffed out the opportunity and that’s how the one-off, bare-carbon Gymkhana STI was born.

Subaru and Gymkhana are no strangers to each other, as the first two instalments saw Ken Block smoke the living rubber out of a WRX STI. After a long collabo with Ford, the Gymkhana franchise is back to its roots and we absolutely love what we’re seeing.

More than just a tire shredder

2020 Subaru Gymkhana STI
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You might remember how in May 2020, Subaru and Hoonigan announced that Travis Pastrana will replace Ken Block and keep Gymkhana going at lest as far as 2020 is concerned. Five months later, the lovechild between the two brands is out of the bag and calling it the most hardcore WRX STI ever made would be an accurate statement.

"This STI is unbelievable! We’ve never had the opportunity to do this before, to build a car with no restrictions. Engine, suspension, aero—everything is unlimited, clean sheet." - Travis Pastrana about the Subaru Gymkhana STI.
2020 Subaru Gymkhana STI
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In building it, Subaru asked for help from rally specialist Vermont SportsCar. As a result, the Gymkhana STI wears a rad-looking body kit filled with fins and air intakes, ending in a massive rear wing and diffuser. By the way, that’s all raw carbon fiber and get this: the flame-spitting exhaust comes out from the… hood.

Speaking of the hood, under it sits a custom-made boxer engine, but we don’t know how much power and torque it cranks out, which is a bummer. However, hardcore Gymkhana fans will remember that in the first two episodes, Ken Block’s Subarus made 530 and 566 horsepower, respectively. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that Pastrana’s Subbie will pack a similar amount of power.

2020 Subaru WRX STI specifications
Engine 2.5-liter flat four-cylinder “boxer”
Horsepower 305 HP @ 6,000 RPM
Torque 290 LB-FT @ 4,000 RPM
0 to 60 mph 4.6 seconds
Top Speed 160 mph
Transmission 6-speed manual
Fuel economy city/highway 17/23
Curb weight 3,391 Lbs

Final word

2020 Subaru Gymkhana STI
- image 940115

Travis Pastrana has big shoes to fill as he takes over Gymkhana 11. With the concoction of the Subaru Gymkhana STI, he basically owns the right tool to kick some ass. On top of that, let’s not forget that the man is an X Games specialist with a ton of victories under his belt, as well as stints in rally racing (WRC) and NASCAR. With such a résumé, we’re willing to bet that Gymkhana 11 will be a cracker.

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Subaru of America today revealed the most outrageous WRX STI ever, a custom-built tire destroyer set to star in the next installment of Hoonigan’s Gymkhana video series with Subaru Motorsports USA driver Travis Pastrana at the wheel. Drawing on Subaru’s championship-winning rally and rallycross experience, this one-off STI throws out the rule book with the sole objective of taking Gymkhana to the next level.

Subaru and Hoonigan announced in May that Travis Pastrana would take over the Gymkhana series for 2020, bringing the series back to its roots—the first two installments featured Ken Block driving Subaru WRX STI models—but promising a new take on the Gymkhana concept. With Pastrana’s decades of experience in rally, rallycross, supercross, freestyle motocross, NASCAR and stunts, Subaru was tasked with delivering a vehicle that could do things no Gymkhana car had ever been asked to do. The resulting build demanded the expertise of Subaru’s decades of motorsports experience, and the creativity of technical partner Vermont SportsCar to build a production-based sedan on the limit of what was possible.

This focus on extreme performance is evident from every angle, thanks to a raw carbon body with a wildly aggressive and wind tunnel-proven aero package unlike anything seen on a Gymkhana build before. With a custom-made SUBARU BOXER engine, flame-spitting hood exit exhaust, long travel suspension, and a race-ready interior built to Pastrana’s specs, this is an STI born to shred tires and smash expectations.

“This STI is unbelievable!” said Pastrana. “We’ve never had the opportunity to do this before, to build a car with no restrictions. Engine, suspension, aero—everything is unlimited, clean sheet. It’s crazy fast, easy to control and get sideways and it was perfect out of the box in testing. Gymkhana is a new challenge for me but I want to raise the bar, and this is the car to do it.”

“When we brought Subaru back to Gymkhana, we knew we had to build something outrageous,” said William Stokes, Motorsports Manager, Subaru of America. “Travis always wants to push the limits, so we knew from the outset we weren’t going to do this with a rally or rallycross car. This was an opportunity for us to redefine what an STI could be, and the results speak for themselves.”

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