Summer is in full swing once again. No more snow on the grounds, rusting out our old cars and causing us to wrap up our sports cars for the cold winter months. Now, the sun is out, scorching the ground and our cars as well.

This has been one of the hottest summers on record and if you love to drive that can be problematic. Our beloved engines love cool air. Cold air is decent, but hot air is the worst for motors. So, when we go on our daily commutes or our long vacations, this hot summer can take its toll on our favorite cars.

There are a few steps we can take in order to prevent our engines from overheating and help keep our cars in the best shape possible. They aren’t complicated so everybody should be able to follow them.

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Tip 1) Park Wisely

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It may look good to park your car in the shade, but there can be serious consequences. Birds love to sit in trees and birds also love to decorate your car in their white poop. If you’re going to be parked for quite some time it might be worth it to keep your car cool, but if you’re only going into the grocery store, avoid the bird infested trees.

Tip 2) Check Fluid Levels

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Be sure to maintain all the fluid levels in your engine. These include windshield wiper fluid, oil, and so on. Make sure your transmission fluids are topped off and make sure the air conditioning fluid is at a good level. This can mean more than you think. Your oil is also key. Summer heat can thin your oil and that could mean your engine isn’t getting the lubrication it needs. You might want to add a thicker oil to avoid this problem.

Tip 3) Drive Smoothly

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If the speed limit is 70 miles per hour, don’t go 85. Sure, we all speed and going 75 isn’t a bad thing, but running the engine too hard can cause some issues. Rapidly accelerating, braking, and driving fast can reduce your car’`s gas mileage. Running your engine at a smooth rate is also key to keeping it cool.

Tip 4) Go on a Diet

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Some of us love to pack our cars full of stuff. We would advise you to go outside and take all of it out. If you’re not going golfing, don’t carry the clubs around. Don’t carry boxes of stuff and don’t pack your trunk full of useless items. All that added weight can reduce your mileage and cause your engine to work harder. If you’re stuck in traffic, that accelerating with extra weight can take its toll.

Tip 5) The Right Tires

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Take off those winter tires and put on some summer ones for a few good reasons. Winter tires can wear quickly on hot tarmac and they don’t grip as well as summer tires do. Also, make sure you rotate your tires to keep them as fresh as you can and be sure to check the air levels.

If you follow these five easy tips you can have a safe summer in your favorite car.

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  (398) posted on 02.10.2011

Nice, that would be a helpful additional information. After a month summer will start!

  (302) posted on 02.10.2011

Nice Tips. And they will be more effective if we are going to apply them. And to have more problem free while traveling be sure to check the BLOWBAG of your car..Brake, light,oil,water,battery, air and gasoline.

  (939) posted on 09.5.2010

Drive smoothly so you can enjoy and feel the summer breeze as you take a long drive from state to state.

  (159) posted on 08.16.2010

Actually, these tips are supposed to be common sense. However, a lot of people still tends to forget them when traveling.

  (247) posted on 07.21.2010

agree, not only it saves some fuel, it also save and pro-long the life span of the car.

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