Haw often do you heard of a Japanese car tuned by a German tuner? Or at least do you remember of one? Here is a Suzuki Swift tuned by Matting Tuning. The small city car received a sporty treatment to improve the overall look and as far as possible the cars dynamic comportment.

2007 Suzuki Swift tuned by Mattig
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2007suzuki swift

After a session of esthetic surgery the car is proud to present some of the updates. The front bar was replaced by a new one which incorporates aggressive spoilers. The badge is now half covered, but I don’t know if I should take this modification as a improvement. Maybe the Germans are not so proud to drive a Suzuki.

2007 Suzuki Swift tuned by Mattig
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The rear-view mirrors are new, and some modifications received also the door-handles. Side skirts for the profile and a spoiler mounted on the top of the back end make the car more aggressive.

2007 Suzuki Swift tuned by Mattig
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The back end now includes a silver diffuser, and a larger exhaust pipes. The tail-lights received an eyelid, while the headlights were spared of this treatment.

The most impressive are the 18" wheels painted in black coat. The body is basically painted in blue but two silver stripes slice the bonnet. The interior is now fitted with sport-seats and we also see there a revolution gauge. These Germans really don’t want to be forgotten.

2007 Suzuki Swift tuned by Mattig
- image 149503
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