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    Suzuki SX4 Hybrid
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The latest “big thing” in automotive industry is represented by the green vehicles and every respectable manufacturer tries to develop new technologies.

Suzuki is also working hard to keep it up with today’s trends and for the moment the hybrid and electric technologies are its priority.

One of the latest concepts used to showcase the advances made with the green technologies is theSX4 Hybrid. The SX4 was a smart choice, as its one of the most popular models in Suzuki’s lineup. The standard model is seen with pretty good eyes by the public, being already one of the most efficient fuel powered cars in its class.

For the moment, Suzuki didn’t make any announcements about a possible production version of its concept. Though, an SX4 Hybrid would make a lot of sense and if it’s priced right it could prove to be another wining card for the company.

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2010 Suzuki SX4 Hybrid Exterior
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As it was expected, the SX4 Hybrid features the same exterior design as the base model. The vehicle was build with practicality in mind so don’t expect to any fancy lines or sporty shapes.

The overall proportions are a bit odd, as the relatively short length is combined with a pretty tall roofline. Judging by its proportions, the car can be considered to be more a hatchback than a sedan.

Though, despite its cheap and conventional styling, the SX4 is fairly practical, as it’s fitted with a generous windscreen and four wide opening doors.

The front fenders feature a distinctive shape and slope down to the hood line which then flows over the big headlights. The honeycomb grille thrones in the center of the front fascia and gels well with the bumper, forming a pretty bold “facial” expression. Talking about the bumper, it’s seamlessly integrated into the body and comes with a set of big fog lamps and a central air intake.

Viewed from the sides, the SX4 Hybrid features a set of large quarter windows mounted next to the A pillars. Their base line dips down from front to back, flowing into a rising line that leads to the back of the rear windows.

The rear end design is pretty similar with the front one, as it’s represented by the same conventional style. It’s also worth to be mentioned the both rear and front light clusters are covered by blue lenses which symbolize the efficient nature of the vehicle.


2010 Suzuki SX4 Hybrid High Resolution Interior
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The entire interior environment is well build and comfortable. You also have plenty of space and you won’t complain about head or leg-room. We also like the overall interior design which is clean and simple, with every control placed within easy reach.

The seats are also deep and supportive, being well suited for day by day driving. Rear-seat leg room is pretty good as well, being more than sufficient for a six-footer. Furthermore, the wide track and low-mounted rear suspension components allow for a flat floor, a feature that can’t be found at many vehicles in this class.

The driving position is pretty high and you are rewarded with a top notch all around visibility. While you are behind the steering wheels you’ll also notice that the only modification made to the hybrid’s cabin is the new instrument cluster which now comes with an integrated display for the battery pack and other indicators for the hybrid system.

Fortunately, there are enough cubbies and various storage places to keep you satisfied. What’s less satisfying however, is the fact that most of the plastics are part of the hard class, while the build quality isn’t stellar either. Though this is the usual treatment found in this class, so we won’t complain too much about it.

Engines and technologies

2010 Suzuki SX4 Hybrid Exterior
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The SX4 Hybrid is a full parallel hybrid with automated manual transmission (AMT). The hybrid system used in the SX4 features an electric motor and twin clutch arrangement with advance Lithium-ion battery technology.

The concept combines a 1.2 litre K-series petrol engine and a 50 kW electric motor along with 5-speed Automated Manual Transmission. The entire system was carefully tuned to maximize fuel efficiency and to lower emissions. As a result, the Hybrid SX4 is 25 percent more fuel efficient than its gasoline powered counterpart.

Furthermore, the Suzuki SX4 Hybrid its capable of running solely on its electric motor, offering a further boost to fuel efficiency and zero emission modes in city driving.

As the vehicle is only in its concept phase, Suzuki didn’t make public any performance figures.


2010 Suzuki SX4 Hybrid Exterior
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If it will go into production the Suzuki SX4 Hybrid would be a pretty good choice among those who look for a rugged, practical and efficient vehicle. The standard SX4 comes with a bargain price, so the Hybrid could also be priced pretty competitively. In the end an SX Hybrid has anything it needs to be received with open arms by the market, as it will probably be one of the most affordable Hybrids in its class.

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