Who said the automotive world stops when the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors?

For one, Japanese automaker Suzuki doesn’t seem to think so. While a lot of its contemporaries will be heading to Geneva in full force with their latest automotive offerings – to be fair, the company’s going to be there too – Suzuki will be pulling the covers off of a limited edition Swift that will be exclusively sold in Italy.

The model, which is being called the Swift Samurai Design, was on full display in a number of dealerships in Italy on February 27th and 28th, 2011. The Swift Samurai Design will be based on the ‘Style’ trim level of the five-door Swift and will come with a number of special details to go along with whole ‘Samurai Design’ theme. For starters, the car will be painted with a ‘Red Passion’ exterior finish with the roof and the side mirrors sporting the old Imperial Flag of Japan. Then there’s the matter of the tinted windows, the black pillars, and the custom logos found on each side of the car. Unfortunately, the car will only be limited to these aesthetic designs and will not come with any mechanical or performance upgrades. What that means is that the car will be sporting the same 1.2-liter Dual VVT engine that produces 94 horsepower.

  • 2011 Suzuki Swift Samurai Design
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    1.2-liter Dual VVT engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    94 horsepower
  • body style:


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  (762) posted on 07.3.2012

I think this design looks cheap.

  (630) posted on 05.31.2012

Japanese is very creative and known for their love and pride for their country. The Swift’s Samurai design looks good and cute. I want to have that too as a bragging thing for friends. 

  (314) posted on 05.30.2012

I love the fact that they’re delivering the Japanese culture to Italy.

  (559) posted on 03.13.2012

That’s a good side gimmick by Suzuki. Anyway, why was this headed to Italy and not in Japan?

  (714) posted on 03.12.2012

Ah, that was a good design! Unfortunately, the performance is too weak. This is really just for display.

  (434) posted on 02.1.2012

It looks like a longer version of a mini coupe. The framework is great. I wonder how much it will cost?

  (428) posted on 01.17.2012

no offense meant.this car is very common.it don’t have a uniqueness because the styles and design is not well thought.I dont like the design of the roof of the car. and also its have only four sit I think?.it s not fit for big family to use it.

  (448) posted on 11.15.2011

Well, sorry to say but I’m not agreed on you millano mina that this vehicle is very popular today. It maybe looks so common because on its platform, but you will barely be seeing cars having a design like what Samurai had.

  (630) posted on 10.17.2011

This car is very common nowadays. It is simple yet have its uniqueness. The style of this car I think is best for family having 1 to 2 child. It is more convenient for use and not so bulky.

  (592) posted on 09.27.2011

I like the Japanese mode type of the car. Unique and very custom. I like aesthetic designs and mechanical performance. One of the sporty driving car.

  (377) posted on 09.7.2011

I love the style and the platform of this swift samurai and even the car lines that it had looks so perfect on it. It is really an impressive car.

  (526) posted on 08.12.2011

I notice that there are white lines on the roofing of the car. I wonder why they made that thing. It makes the car not to look descent and weird. Well, if those lines will be removed, the car will be lame. They must think a better design for this one.

  (397) posted on 07.18.2011

I don’t like the design that they used in the upper head of this car. Just a friendly advice for the automaker, they can just remove the design on the upper part so it may look more gorgeous.

  (1211) posted on 07.14.2011

The color that they used on this car gives the sexy look of it. I don’t know what’s special on this car that can beat the other, but I love the color and the wheels either.

  (858) posted on 06.17.2011

Well, given that all of these are just aesthetic changes, I am actually still liking the car. I love the red color that they have used for this one and the wheels.

  (534) posted on 05.11.2011

Suzuki is made from the best Japanese automaker. I really admired them for being passionate on Samurai Design that symbolizes their culture.

  (444) posted on 05.4.2011

I guess this car was made for a very firm and unique personality fitted to the samurai itself. It gives passion to its exterior looks design that brings automotive world
produces a very extraordinary vehicle.

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