Suzuki will be unveiling the new generation Suzuki Swift Sport at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Compared to the original Swift Sport launched in 2006, the new model has a more aggressive and dignified exterior look, with a low-slung form and a big front grille. The interior will offer a high-quality look and feel, as well as design features that heighten excitement about the driving experience.

The model will be powered by a 1.6-liter M16A engine - developed exclusively for the Swift Sport model. The new engine will be mated to a specially developed six-speed manual transmission. Also, thanks to struts with internal rebound springs and an exclusive rear-suspension design, the new Swift Sport will offer superior cornering stability and brisker, more responsive handling.

The list of safety features will include: a light, stiff, impact-absorbing body, seven airbags (including curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag), and an ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

  • 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    M16A engine
  • Transmission:
    sic speed manual
  • Displacement:
    1600 L
  • body style:


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  (762) posted on 07.3.2012

Sport may be attractive because of its promising specs and features.

  (402) posted on 06.29.2012

Out of all the new releases, this has the most original design.

  (630) posted on 05.31.2012

You can’t deny that Swift Sport is much better than Swift alone. Good to hear that they focused more on handling. 

  (314) posted on 05.30.2012

It has gotten more appealing ever since the enhancement of its style.

  (600) posted on 05.29.2012

It needs to have more outrageous features.

  (559) posted on 03.13.2012

I like the renovated design of this. It appears more charismatic now.

  (526) posted on 03.9.2012

Suzuki Swift is very cool when you add more details to it. Or, should I say you should pimp out your car because it is so simple to me.

  (296) posted on 02.24.2012

It’s not really for family use. SUVs usually were designed to use by families or groups. But this one is like for dating only. Besides, the concept is not surprising.

  (858) posted on 02.1.2012

This SUV is sure a great buy. This maybe the simplest form, but the aura was sporty. The interior view offers a great access with the latest gadgets of the technology.

  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

this latest generation of Suzuki Swift is really a bang. Its sport features are very striking. I love the package of this vehicle.

  (498) posted on 01.5.2012

I’ve already saw this one on the road as well and just like you guys, I’m very fascinated with the platform and style of this Swift. It looks very simple but looks so decent on that. Moreover, it’s a good thing that it has a nice speed performance.

  (504) posted on 12.20.2011

It really looks very decent and glamorous on its white body paint. Anyway, even though I still find it like its earlier model, I’m as yet fascinated on it, and I’m glad that they maintain it to have a nice speed.

  (197) posted on 12.13.2011

Swift is really noticeable on its platform! Well, whenever I see a Swift vehicle on the road, I just can’t help myself but to gaze on it. This vehicle is so lovely even though it doesn’t have lots of accessories just like the other coupe vehicle.

  (337) posted on 11.28.2011

I can’t wait for the official detail of this swift sport! I wish that they would update this news soon! Anyway, I really love the platform of this Swift, so cool and elegant, and it is already looking great on its white body paint.

  (448) posted on 11.15.2011

I’ve seen lots of its previous model, and I must say that this new facelift of it, is absolutely looking so great than before! smiley I just only hope that it had still an impressive speed performance.

  (630) posted on 10.17.2011

This new suzuki swift sport was really one of the most good-looking concept cars that I saw nowadays. Well, I can say that I would really wait for the market production of this one.

  (397) posted on 10.10.2011

M16A engine? What did they mean with that guys? Is that powerful enough for this Suzuki Swift Sport? Anyway, I’m impressed with the hygienic and decent appearance of this one and they are right it is much more a good looking now and very appealing.

  (473) posted on 10.6.2011

I have to agree with all of you guys, this Suzuki swift sport is much more impressive than before. Anyway, I’m still curious on its interior features. I just hope that it still had an impressive interior.

  (453) posted on 09.28.2011

Well seeing this swift sport during its road test is such a pleasure for me. smiley This car is more impressive than before, and it is more elegant on a person. I can’t wait on the other article about this.

  (592) posted on 09.27.2011

Appearance wise, this really impressive and sophisticated and very interesting car to have. And as always this swift white sport car look perfect.

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