Meet the Suzuki Across, the almost-identical twin of the Toyota RAV4

The first fruit to stem from the Toyota-Suzuki partnership struck a while back is called the Across and wears the Suzuki badge, although it’s pretty clear that the outer shell is nothing else but a slightly tweaked Toyota RAV4 body.

That aside, the Across features an interesting plug-in hybrid powertrain that mixes a 2.5-liter internal combustion engine with two electric motors, one for each axle. Here’s all you need to know about the new Suzuki Across.

Suzuki Across - Powertrain

  • Front-axle electric motor - 134 kW and 270 Nm of torque
  • 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder gasoline-powered ICE - 181 hp and 227 Nm of torque
  • Rear-axle electric motor - 40 kW and 121 Nm of torque
  • 18.1-kWh (50.9 Ah) Li-ion battery pack
  • Four PHEV modes
  • E-Four electronic 4x4
  • E-CVT gearbox
2021 Suzuki Across Exterior
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Suzuki says the Across mixes a 134-kilowatt (180 horsepower) e-motor with a 2.5-liter ICE good for 181 horsepower.

The gas engine is, in fact, Toyota’s A25A-FXS Dynamic Force engine found inside the likes of Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, and Camry. It also acts as a generator that juices up the 18.1-kWh battery pack once it depletes. What’s more, the Across can travel for 75 kilometers (roughly 47 miles) relying solely on electricity. Top speed is rated at 180 kph (112 mph).

This setup is complemented by a second e-motor place on the rear axle, where it produces 40 kilowatts (54 horsepower) and 121 Newton-meters (90 pound-feet) of twist, giving the Across all-wheel-drive capabilities - or in Suzuki’s own literature, E-Four electronic 4x4. In all fairness, the system can vary torque between the front and rear tires from 100% front to 20% front and 80% rear.

Suzuki Across - Exterior

  • new wheel designs
  • different grille and bumpers
  • retains the boxy RAV4 body
  • six body colors on choice
2021 Suzuki Across Exterior
- image 917889

Honestly, not much to write home about. Other than the Suzuki badge, the wheel design, the larger, gaping front grille, and the subtly revised front/rear bumpers, the Across adopts the RAV4’s muscular body as it is.

Suzuki also mentions six body colors are available at launch:

  • White Pearl Crystal Shine
  • Silver Metallic
  • Attitude Black Mica
  • Sensual Red Mica
  • Grey Metallic
  • Dark Blue Mica

Suzuki Across - Interior

  • 490-liter trunk
  • 9-inch touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility
  • redesigned center console
  • Suzuki-specific steering wheel
2021 Suzuki Across Interior
- image 917888

Suzuki likes its interiors durable and practical. Fanciness is not something the carmaker pushes on with. The same goes for the Across. Then again, it’s not that much different from the RAV4’s, except for the steering wheel and the center console design.

Expect a fair share of plastics inside, but Suzuki does promise “well-crafted quality upholstery and accents throughout the vehicle” as well as “soft padding on the dashboard and doors.”

While this sound nice, the Across will offer a bunch of materials that keep their look over time, without going overboard on niceties.

The 490-liter cargo space (VDA measured) is a neat feature on the practicality front, though, as is the nine-inch central touchscreen that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also, the cabin should be roomy enough for four (maybe even five) passengers to travel in above-decent conditions even on longer trips.

2021 Suzuki Across Exterior
- image 917892
Suzuki Across - Dimensions and weight
Length 4,635 mm
Width 1,855 mm
Height 1,690 mm
Wheelbase 2,690 mm
Turning radius 5.7 m
Ground clearance 190 mm
Kerb weight 1,940 kg
Gross weight 2,510 kg
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Suzuki has launched the new ACROSS, a robust and sporty SUV equipped with a sophisticated Plug-in Hybrid system and E-Four electronic 4x4, delivering uncompromising performance and efficiency with the capability and styling of a full-fledged modern SUV.

The ACROSS is the first model supplied from Toyota Motor Corporation under the collaborative business agreement between Toyota and Suzuki. Sales are set to start in Autumn of 2020 in Europe.

Highlights of the new ACROSS
Striking SUV design
Designed to stand out with a robust polygonal body that combines characteristic SUV toughness and a sporty front face featuring a large open grille.

Cutting-edge Plug-in Hybrid performance
Powered by a highly sophisticated Plug-in Hybrid system that delivers superior fuel efficiency and low CO₂ emissions, with quick response and smooth acceleration.

Advanced 4x4 capability
Equipped with the E-Four electronic 4x4 system, which ensures efficient and effective 4x4 performance for confidence inspiring handling and control even in slippery conditions.

Striking SUV design
Exterior styling
The bold and sporty design of the ACROSS conveys confidence from every angle. Robust polygonal motifs across the body form a bold physique that is further highlighted by characteristic SUV wheel arch moldings, a sporty large open grille, and a bumper with a prominent silver under garnish that helps to express the car’s all-round capabilities.

Further key features include sophisticated LED headlamps with a bi-beam projector (combining low and high beams) and an LED DRL, and premium quality 19-inch alloy wheels with black gloss coating and a distinctive polished face.

Body colors
The ACROSS is available in six different colours – White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Attitude Black Mica, Sensual Red Mica, Grey Metallic and Dark Blue Mica.

White Pearl Crystal Shine Silver Metallic Attitude Black Mica

Sensual Red Mica Grey Metallic Dark Blue Mica

Interior design

The interior environment of the ACROSS has been designed to evoke a sense of comfort, luxury and driving confidence.
The well-crafted quality upholstery and accents throughout the vehicle are complemented by soft padding on the dashboard and door trims.

Further enhancing the driver and passenger experience is a 9-inch touchscreen display that works with Apple CarPlay for iPhone, Android Auto and MirrorLink for compatible smartphones.

Storage space

While cabin space is designed for ample comfort in both the first and second rows, there has been no compromise in luggage space. The large 490-litre*1 luggage compartment provides plenty of space to store luggage for a wide range of lifestyles and purposes. For added versatility, the right side of the luggage compartment is equipped with an electrical outlet and accessory socket.

The ACROSS is also equipped with an array of convenient storage spaces including driver’s and passenger’s side trays, centre tray, cupholders and a console box.

Driver’s side tray Passenger’s side tray Centre tray

Front cup holders Console box Rear

*1 Measured by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) method.

Cutting-edge Plug-in Hybrid performance

Plug-in Hybrid system

The Plug-in Hybrid system in the ACROSS provides unparalleled fuel economy and smooth acceleration, with CO₂ emissions of just 22g/km*2.

At the core of the Plug-in Hybrid system is a powerful front electric motor that delivers vigorous torque at low speeds and combines with a powerful 2.5-litre petrol engine for rapid acceleration at higher speeds.

With maximum output of 134kW and 270Nm of torque, the electric motor draws its energy from an 18.1kWh (50.9 Ah) high capacity lithium ion battery that is mounted beneath the floor.

Paired to the electric motor is the A25A-FXS Dynamic Force engine, which functions as a charger for the battery and provides power assistance to the electric motor during high-speed driving if required. Designed to deliver both high output and excellent fuel efficiency, the engine features a long stroke and high compression ratio, and both direct cylinder fuel injection (DI) and port fuel injection (PFI) that vary depending on driving conditions to raise output and fuel efficiency while lowering emissions.

The Plug-in Hybrid system is equipped with four modes—the default EV mode, Auto EV/HV mode, HV mode, and battery charger mode—which the driver can select depending on driving conditions and battery status. In EV Mode the vehicle is driven entirely by the power of the electric motor even under full acceleration. When in Auto EV/HV mode and HV mode, the engine contributes to power delivery when required, such as when the accelerator is pressed strongly. To store electricity for EV mode when the charge is low, the battery charger mode runs the engine to re-charge the battery.
*2 Measured on WLTP standard

Advanced 4x4 capability

The state-of-the-art E-Four electronic 4x4 system in the ACROSS provides drivers with genuine 4x4 performance while maintaining superior fuel efficiency.
The system features an independent 40kW rear motor that works in conjunction with the front motor to provide front : rear torque variation ranging from 100:00 to 20:80. Benefits of this system include enhanced stability during take-off on slippery surfaces such as snow covered roads, and confident handling when cornering on varying road surfaces.

AWD Integrated Management (AIM)
Central to the E-Four system is the highly sophisticated AWD Integrated Management (AIM), which controls not only drive force distribution, but also engine throttle control, transmission shift scheduling, Electric Power Steering (EPS) assistance and braking, according to the driving conditions.

Trail Mode
Trail Mode is an automatic limited-slip differential control feature that ensures the best possible grip and control on slippery surfaces. The system works by applying the brakes to wheels that begin to lose grip and redirects torque to wheels that maintain grip. The feature also adjusts the throttle and transmission shift pattern to keep the vehicle moving.

Advanced safety and technology features
Fully equipped with the latest smart safety features, the ACROSS offers confidence and peace of mind for both driver and passengers on every journey. Some of the key safety features include driving assist functions such as Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), which use a millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera.

Pre-Collision System (PCS)
PCS helps prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists by monitoring the road ahead with a millimeter wave radar and monocular camera and applying braking assist and automatic braking if needed.

Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)
When the LTA determines that an unintended lane departure is likely to occur on an expressway or marked public road, it assists steering operation to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane.

Road Sign Assist (RSA)
RSA monitors the road for traffic signs and displays them on the multi-information display when they are detected.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
DRCC works at all speeds and automatically maintains ample distance with the vehicle ahead, including stopping the vehicle when the preceding vehicle comes to a halt and following it when it restarts.

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
BSM alerts the driver when a vehicle is approaching or detected in a rear blind spot.

Rear Crossing Traffic Alert (RCTA)
RCTA helps the driver avoid collisions when reversing out of parking spaces. When it detects a vehicle approaching in a rear blind spot, it warns the driver by sounding a buzzer and conveying the location of the approaching vehicle.

If the vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, the eCall system alerts emergency services with a phone message that includes the precise location of the vehicle.

Brake Hold
When the vehicle comes to a stop such as at a traffic light, the electric parking brake holds the vehicle by maintaining braking pressure to prevent the vehicle from rolling forward or backward until the driver presses the accelerator pedal.

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