Minivans are not often thought of as being particularly cool. The result has been a decline in sales as the many image-conscious parents out there flock to crossovers instead. As a result, minivan concept vehicles are often completely bonkers, as carmakers clearly hope that going so far in the other direction will inspire buyers to reconsider the segment. It never really seems to work but it’s hugely entertaining to watch, and the new Air Triser concept from Suzuki exemplifies everything that makes wacky minivan concepts so great.

The concept is being unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, as a part of the “Suzuki Next 100” theme for the carmaker’s booth. Since Suzuki’s 100th anniversary is coming up in 2020, it is using this opportunity to show off a bit of what is said to make up the lineup for the outset of the next 100 years. The concepts are therefore wild and futuristic, although they are simultaneously retro in their design. This is seen especially in the front fascia of the Air Triser. But unlike the Mighty Deck concept, which is clearly just an updated version of the Mighty Boy kei car, the Air Triser isn’t made to look like anything specific from Suzuki’s past.

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Suzuki Air Traiser High Resolution Exterior
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Though Suzuki describes the Air Triser as a minivan, the term "mircovan" might be more appropriate. With a length of 4,200mm (13 feet) and a width of 1,956mm (6.4 feet), the concept is slightly shorter and only slightly wider than a Ford Focus. Of course, the layout makes for much better use of interior space, but this is still a much smaller vehicle than it appears to be.

The driver’s side has a single door and the passenger side has dual sliding doors that open up to make a giant B-pillar-less opening. The front end and back end are very nearly symmetrical, and in this sense it does borrow a bit from the fourth-generation (L40) Suzuki Carry van, but none of the Carry’s design is otherwise evident in the Air Triser.


Suzuki Air Traiser High Resolution Interior
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As with other minivan concepts, it is the interior of the Air Triser that is really the wild concept part of the design. Central to this is wood, lots and lots of wood. There is wood all around the steering wheel, the pedals are wood and, of course, the entire floor is wood. It’s a pretty extreme styling choice, but it really does look good. The seats can be reconfigured in a number of different ways, including facing one other or in a big U shape. The steering wheel also folds up to accommodate the configurable seating arrangements.

There is a screen mounted in between the windows that can display media content from a smartphone

Almost the only surface without wood on it is the top of the dash, which is covered in the cloth as the seats and seemingly padded. It’s probably not going to catch on with a whole lot of other cars, but it does make for an interesting alternative to the expensive leather or ugly plastic on pretty much every other dash in existence. There is a screen mounted in between the windows on the driver’s side that Suzuki says can display media content from a smartphone, although it doesn’t elaborate on this idea (probably some sort of Chromecast-type thing).

There is even a fairly sizable screen in the middle of the steering wheel, which would be impossible on a production car, but is fantastic on a never-going-to-be-built concept. All said, it’s among the finest cloth interiors ever made.


Power comes from a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine producing an undisclosed quantity of horsepower. This is also connected to some sort of hybrid system and power is sent to all four wheels. Suzuki hasn’t provided a lot of details about this, but it’s not as though the Air Triser is heading off to dealerships anytime soon. Still the drivetrain is an interesting part of the story of the concept.

The microvans that clearly provided inspiration for the design of the concept were kei cars, tiny little cars built to make the absolute most of Japan’s tax and insurance regulations. The engine displacement for this concept is well outside of what is allowable for such cars, and the hybrid system and all-wheel-drive would no doubt make it too heavy as well.


Suzuki Air Traiser High Resolution Exterior
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The Air Triser is a very Japanese sort of vehicle. Retro styling is still pretty popular in the Japanese domestic market, and this is especially true of kei cars. Last year’s Alto Turbo RS concept, also from Suzuki, is a good example of this, as is the Mighty Deck concept that will debut alongside the Air Triser. But what makes this concept different is that it isn’t actually a kei car. It’s a somewhat bigger car styled to look like an older kei car, and that is a very rare thing indeed. It has all of the craziness that you want in a concept like this, although just once, it would really be great if a few of these actually ever made it to production.

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Press Release

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced its exhibits for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (organised by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), which will open to the public on 30 October until 8 November.

Suzuki Air Traiser High Resolution Exterior
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The theme for Suzuki’s booth is “SUZUKI NEXT 100”. Suzuki will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, so the exhibits represent proposals for products and technologies that give a sense of the company’s preparations for ongoing success in the next 100 years.

A range of concept models will show how Suzuki can deliver wonder and enjoyment to drivers and riders. The concept cars will include the IGNIS, which gives shape to Suzuki’s foray into the new compact crossover genre; and the MIGHTY DECK, which offers new kinds of fun in the minicar segment.

The booth will also highlight other technologies that include exhibits such as cutaway models of newly developed engines.

Air Triser: a newly conceived three-row compact minivan with a private lounge

The Air Triser is a new-concept three-row compact minivan within a manageable body size, it offers a cabin where roominess and smart seat configurability embody the concept of a private lounge.
While the Air Triser is parked, the seats can be configured in a relaxation mode (where the seats face each other) or in a lounge mode (where the seats form a U-shape sofa). Users can enjoy media content from a smartphone on a large format display that extends from one of the B-pillars up to the roof line.
The extent to which the Air Triser enables users to enjoy their time together not only on the move but also while they’re stationary makes it unprecedented among minivans.

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Press release
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