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2011 Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid

2011 Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid

Until now Suzuki didn’t launch any hybrid on the market, but in the latest years has presented a few green concepts which prove us that they conduct serious researches on this type of technologies.

One of the most anticipated models is the Swift Hybrid, presented in its concept stage at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2009. After two years the concept was presented again to the public, but this time it came with a series of modifications, being closer to the production version.

Like its predecessor the 2011 concept was based on the conventionally powered Swift model, but it come with a few different elements which gave it a unique character.

Under the hood the 2011 Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid was equipped with the same 660 cc engine and the 54 kW motor found at its predecessor, but this time the hybrid system offered a higher range.

Apart from the reworked drive train, the entire exterior has been also modified. More changes were made inside were the car get a new color scheme and a futuristic instrument panel.

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