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2013 Syrena Sport

2013 Syrena Sport

The auto industry is full of brands that have gone by the wayside, for one reason or another.

It’s not uncommon given the competitiveness of the industry and yet for some of the legendary brands of yesteryear, there’s always that hope that the brand will be reborn if there’s somebody willing to finance it.

Over in Poland, Syrena was once a brand that roamed its streets back in the 50s up to the early ’70’s. But while it did last for quite some time, the irony is the model that most people associate with Syrena was the one that never made it into production: the Syrena Sport.

But thanks to entrepreneur, Rafal Czubaj, the Syrena Sport may finally see the light of production. With the help of a team that includes designer Pavlo Burkatskyy - one of the people that helped pen the Arrinera supercar - Czubaj is determined to finally bring the Syrena Sport to life.

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