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Classic Showcase: Coach-Built French Imports 1930-1950

Classic Showcase: Coach-Built French Imports 1930-1950

Tucked inside the wealthy enclave of Santa Barbara, California is one of the most awe-inspiring collections of pre-war French automobiles ever assembled anywhere on earth — even inside France.

Just a few hours south of Monterey and Pebble Beach, the Mullins Automotive Museum is almost as exclusive as the cars inside. And for good reason: dozens of the cars in the collection are priceless and completely unique.

The Mullins museum has dozens of Bugatti’s, including the all-time most-valuable car ever: the Type 57 Atlantique. This is too easy and common, so we will focus on some of the more obscure pieces in its priceless collection.

There are highlights are every turn, but we’ve assembled some of the most influential and visually breathtaking cars here in a list of Top Ten Coach-Built French Imports - between 1930 and 1950.

This list could also have been called the "unpronounceables" because their names are quite complicated to say out loud. Doing so is a real treat, however, especially in the case of the all-star Hispano-Suiza H6C Xenia. This gorgeous coupe has some of the most otherworldly styling ever seen then or since.

Winner of Best in Show at Goodwood 2009, this Hispano-Suiza features sliding side doors, a rounded fuselage design, and bespoke luggage that looks like a million bucks.

Click past the jump for all ten of these stunners: including a number of Bugatti’s, Avoins Voisin and the first hard-top cabrio: the 1938 Peugeot 402L Cabriolet Metallique Decouvrable.

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1950 Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport

1950 Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport

The Talbot line of racecars had quite a storied racing history, despite the fact that they were constantly out-powered by the likes of Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, and Alfa Romeo. Talbot always relied on its impeccable fuel mileage and extreme durability to conquest these giants of the race world in endurance racing, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

By far, Talbot’s biggest achievement was its 1-2 finish in the 1950 24Hours of Le Mans, using T26 Grand Sport and a Talbot-Lago Monopasto. The chassis that was originally scheduled to run in the 1950 24 Hours of Le Mans, chassis No. 110057, but hit a few snags and was not quite ready for the race. Following the victory, the driver of its replacement in the Le Mans purchased it and began its racing history.

Unfortunately, this 1950 Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport had none of the success that its replacement had, as it had a long string of did-not-finish results stretching from 1951 through 1953. The curse of 110057 came to a head when Guy Mairesse was tragically killed in it when he crashed this T26 during testing at Coupe de Paris at Montlhèry.

After that tragedy, its owner at the time, Georges Grignard, parked it in its transporter and laid little more than an eye on it for four years until a savvy T26 enthusiasts, and its current owner, caught wind that one was sitting unused at Grignard’s house. The purchase almost never happened, as it was reported that Grignard wanted an unreasonably high price for this crashed racer, but apparently the two eventually came to terms.

If you have ever wanted to own a piece of Le Mans history, this is the time, as RM Auctions is offering chassis 110057 up for auction on May 12, 2012. Despite its cursed past, this is a rare model that is sure to fetch a premium and will only continue to go up in value.

Click past the jump to read our full review

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Rare 1932 Talbot 14/65 Boat Tail Tourer will be at Historics at Brooklands auction

Rare 1932 Talbot 14/65 Boat Tail Tourer will be at Historics at Brooklands auction

Ever fancied yourself owning a unique classic car that no one else on the planet owns? Well, it’s easier said than done since, first, you’ll have to find someone that owns it and, second, they have to be willing to sell it too. Not an easy task, but it just so happens we may have found one that’s going to be auctioned off at the Historics at the Brooklands on December 4th.

The car is a 1932 Talbot 14/65 Boat Tail Tourer and is the only one of its kind in the world. The car is completely hand-built using 3”x1/4” planks of noble Honduran mahogany to constitute the car’s custom wooden body, which in case you still haven’t noticed, takes the shape of a little boat, hence the name ‘Boat Tail’. The 1932 Talbot also has a steel chassis with a 1.7-liter six-cylinder engine that, from what we’ve heard, still works like a charm.

As for the interior, it comes with a bench seat that was pretty standard for classics this old. The Talbot’s interior also has been given a black leather treatment with some decorative styling added for better aesthetics.

Since it’s going to be auctioned at a pretty prestigious event at the Historics at Brooklands, you can expect this one-of-a-kind classic to fetch some serious bidding. The starting price is around £30,000 – about $50,000 – but considering it’s rarity, we won’t be surprised if the bid goes well over triple of what the starting price is.

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Nouveau site d’Annonces Auto Gratuites Vente et Location de Voitures Neuves ou d’Occasion en Algerie

C’est, un nouveau site Web pour les annonces gratuites de vente et location de véhicules automobiles toutes carrosseries neufs ou d’occasion à travers le territoire national algérien. Réalisé par l’agence Web & IT (enregistrement de nom de domaine et hébergement, structure architecturale, design, tests, mise en ligne et gestion générale).
Origine de l’idée : Sans rupture avec son prédécesseur spécial engins, le site est né du (...)

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