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Tamo Racemo Promises Lots Of Fun In A Small Package

Tamo Racemo Promises Lots Of Fun In A Small Package

It’s an Indian sports car with a high-tech attitude

There’s certainly no shortage of sports cars at the Geneva International Motor Show this year, with everything from affordable entry-level roadsters, to exotic top-dollar hyperspace mobiles on the list of debuts. Slotting in there somewhere is this – the Tamo Racemo, the latest product from Indian automaker Tata Motors. Tata is launching a new sub-brand called Tamo, and the Racemo is its first creation.

Described as “India’s first digitally native, connected, ‘phygital’ experience,” the mid-engine, two-door sports coupe seats two passengers and gets loads of performance cues inside and out. And if you’re asking yourself what “phygital” is supposed to be, the best way to describe it is that it offers a combination of features from both the physical and digital realms.

Basically, you could call this thing India’s first connected car. It comes replete with a ton of techy features, and it’ll be available for download via the Forza Horizon 3 gaming platform.

Not only that, but Tamo is offering a high-performance competition version called the Racemo+, and it’s likely Tamo will offer more inspired creations like this in the near future.

Production for the Racemo will be limited at 250 units, none of which are likely to make it stateside. For now, read on for further specs on the Tamo Racemo.

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