You demand a great deal of your individual sports car. With regards to design aspects as well as to technical issues, in terms of excusivity and sportiness. The new TECHART Turbo Program offers you the freedom to choose.


The new TECHART Turbo aerodynamics program merges design developed in the wind tunnel and excellent technology. The result is a front spoiler which harmonizes perfectly with the factory-made front and reduces lifting force at the front axle. The aerodynamic counterpart at the rear axle: increase of downforce by an optimized profile of the automatically raising wing element. The side skirts do not only create undisturbed airflow between front and rear axle but top the exterior off harmoniously.
In addition, the covers at mirrors and headlights, the roof spoiler and the rear diffusor emphasize the unique appearance.

2007 TechArt Porsche Turbo 911 (997)
- image 97689


For the Porsche 911 Turbo, TECHART offers a manifold and splendidly calibrated program of technical refinement. Such as the TECHART coil-over suspensions, performance springs, engine power enhancement, modified power train, high peformance brakes, sport exhaust systems and tailpipes as well as the remarkable new 12 x 20 inch Formula wheel.


TECHART sets the pattern for individual interior refinement. The ingredients: exquisite leather and sporty variants such as TECHART CARBOblack™, hand-sewed with a colored reeding. Tastefully harmonized interior paint finishes. Trims made of select materials, for example aluminum or carbon. The handcrafted TECHART sport steering wheels. Illuminated door entry guards, aluminum sports pedals and gear shifter as well as many more accentuating details which make a TECHART interior.

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