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2015 Tecnicar Lavinia

2015 Tecnicar Lavinia Exterior
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Tecnicar is looking into moving from building electric trains and scooters to build this 800-horsepower Lavinia. Unfortunately, it is still just a 3D rendering for now.

When it comes to the supercar, no one does it quite like Italy. It’s a country that practically invented the concept. With picturesque coastlines and plenty of twisty driver’s roads, the combo simply works. Now, Sicily-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tecnicar is gearing up to offer Italy’s very first fully electric supercar.

Using a name plucked from Roman mythology, the Lavinia currently only exists as a 3D computer model. However, that hasn’t stopped Tecnicar from making some pretty big claims when it comes to performance. Output will be around 800 horsepower, with a 0-to-60 time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph. Those are impressive numbers for a standard gasoline-powered car, let alone an emission-free electric.

Tecnicar specializes in electric trains, mobility scooters, and micro commuter EVs, making the Lavinia it’s first real attempt at creating a vehicle with any performance aspirations. According to CarThrottle.com, Angelo Granata was the pen behind the 3D renderings before you. Granata is the same artist who gave us the beautiful 2014 Ferrari GTE concept. This latest creation, however, feels a bit forced, especially when placed alongside other six-figure Italian exotics. The name Pagani comes to mind.

With the increasing popularity of cars like the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S, it certainly looks like the future is heading toward a proliferation of all-electric cars. Now would be a good time to start laying the groundwork for this inevitable sea change. Maybe, just maybe, Tecnicar can pull it off. Taking another stab at the styling couldn’t hurt, though.

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2015 Tecnicar Lavinia

2015 Tecnicar Lavinia