Teaching your child how to drive will not take you a few days and will not be easy to accomplish, but this is important and should not be taken lightly. Teaching your teen how to drive can save their life and/or the lives other people. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to instruct, supervise, and protect your children. Don’t give in easily when they pressure you. You know what’s right for them.

Take control

As a parent, you have the choice of whether or not your minor child should obtain a learner’s permit and license. If you think that your teen is not ready, you do not have to sign and give them a learner’s permit or license.

Driving rules

Driving rules must have a purpose. All the rules should be specific, like “no cell phones while driving.” Create a written driving contract where your child restates and/or writes down the rule each time before they leave. Add in the contract such things as appropriate stereo volume, time to have the car home, and the limit number of passengers in the car with your teen.

Teen driver teaching tips
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Monitor their compliance with the rules.


Let your child know that there will be rewards (praise, extra drive time, later curfew, ect.) for the positive behaviors and punishments (taking the car away, less time driving, earlier curfew, ect.) for the negative behavior.

Take the time

To gain good basic driving skills, safety experts agree, it requires 100 hours of supervised instruction behind the wheel.

Teen driver teaching tips
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You need to gradually expose your child to as many of the potential conditions they will face on the road. Start in an empty parking lot then, when the child has mastered each skill, move them to more complex driving locations.

Do not hurry

There is no specific age where they should be driving, forget about your own inconvenience and concentrate on teaching you child to drive. 

Do not quit early

Even after your child is licensed you sill should continue the driving lessons. Require your teen to drive whenever you and your teen travel together. This will continue to sharpen their driving skills and detect any bad habits.


Remember until your child is 18 you have the right to suspend or revoke their license.

Enjoy it

This is a great way to reacquaint yourself with your child, enjoy it

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