• 2021 Tesla Model S Convertible By Ares Design

This Tesla Model S goes for a chop-chop and loses its roof and the rear doors

Custom-made electric vehicles are a trend that’s slowly picking up. They aren’t as popular as internal combustion-engined cars for now since there aren’t a lot of moving parts in EVs that you can play around with. We’ve seen some tuners crack the system to unleash more power for a much cheaper price than the company offers. Apart from playing with the mechanicals, some aftermarket companies have worked on the body of EVs as well. From equipping it body kits and turning them into station wagons, we’ve seen it all already.

Now, however, a company called Ares Designs has transformed a Tesla Model S into a convertible. This isn’t the first time we’re seeing a convertible Tesla, but it is arguably the cleanest one we’ve seen.

Exterior Design

2021 Tesla Model S Convertible By Ares Design Exterior
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The biggest change, of course, lies here. The car is built for a customer, so it’s a one-off project. The car looks like it’s rolled straight out of the factory this way. The B-pillars are taken down and the front doors are lengthened to convert this into a two-door beauty.

To compensate for the structural damages and keep up the rigidity, Ares Design has reinforced the chassis with additional strengthening to the side members beneath the cockpit and rear seating area.
2021 Tesla Model S Convertible By Ares Design Exterior
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The aerodynamics bit had to be taken care of, too, for which the company equipped a stylish carbon fiber aero kit. This includes side skirts, a front splitter, and bumper accents at the rear. New dual five-spoke wheel designs with the company logo’s wheel caps and red calipers further enhance the aesthetics. Ares Design has installed a new Centro Stile “rear bonnet cover” where the roof is stowed when you’re driving it open-air. The company hasn’t released any pictures of the car with the roof on.

Interior Design

2021 Tesla Model S Convertible By Ares Design Interior
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Tesla cars have a simple, minimalistic design on the inside. Ares Design has refreshed it with upgrades that make it look much brighter. If you found the interior to be boring, this work will make you smile. You can see white, black, and orange shades flowing inside the cabin, which come courtesy of some leather upholstery upgrades. Overall, it feels like a much better place to be in while still making it feel like a Tesla.


2021 Tesla Model S Convertible By Ares Design Exterior
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There are no changes made to the powertrain. Tesla currently offers the Model S in two trims – Long Range Plus and Performance. In the Long Range Plus model, the car sprints to 60 mph from a standstill in 3.7 seconds and goes all the way up to 155 mph. the range was recently upped to 402 miles, which made it the best rating for an EV car ever. But, Lucid Air played a spoilsport when it beat this rating by a huge margin – 517 miles on a single charge.

2021 Tesla Model S Convertible By Ares Design Exterior
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The Performance trim takes just 2.3 seconds to hit 60 mph, which is insanely fast. The top speed is rated at 163 mph. The range on this trim is slightly low at 387 miles - that’s still a lot more than other cars out there. Both models, by the way, come with a dual-motor setup that sends power to all the wheels.

Tesla will be launching a Tri-Motor Plaid version of the car later this year. It is expected to have a range of over 520 miles. As for the performance specs, 0-60 mph time will be under two seconds whereas the top speed will be 200 miles per hour. Now, this is a true-blue competitor to the Lucid Air.


2021 Tesla Model S Convertible By Ares Design Exterior
- image 965669

Since it’s not for sale and was custom-built, Ares Design has not revealed the price. Given that it involved a lot of chopping and playing around with structural components, we guess the project would’ve cost the owner in six digits including the cost of the car. Here’s how much a new Tesla Model S costs at the time of writing:

  • Long Range Plus: $69,420
  • Performance: $91,990
  • Plaid: $139,990

Source: Ares Design

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