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2019 Tesla Minivan

2019 Tesla Minivan

The family friendly Tesla?

Tesla’s “Master Plan, Part Deux” includes a wide range of future vehicles, including a pickup, a compact SUV, and even a semi-truck. Sadly however, Tesla might be missing an important segment niche – the minivan. Sure, sales of minivans have dwindled with the exploding popularity of the crossover, but families continue to rely on the minivan’s unparalleled interior volume and downright handiness for hauling the kids and their stuff.

With that in mind, we decided to render what a Tesla minivan might look like. However unlikely, the idea is an interesting one. Think about it – interior volume would be nearly unimpeded thanks to the battery pack being incased in the flat floor with relatively compact electric motors at either end. Its “frunk” gives space to store items separate from the passenger cabin. And there would be no more smelly, greasy gas pumps to operate. Sounds great, right mom?

A similar chassis as the Model X SUV would likely underpin Tesla’s version of a minivan. Perhaps the wheelbase would be slightly stretched to accommodate for a larger third row and the inevitable sliding rear doors. Maybe Tesla engineers would develop some sort of hidden track system for those doors, eliminating the unsightly gap in the rear quarter panels. The potential for innovation is boundless.

Let’s check out the details below.

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