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Tesla Model Y reviews

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2020 Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y

The model that will complete the S3XY line up

Were you on the market for a Tesla Model X only to realize that its big size made it cumbersome and its falcon doors weren’t really your cup of tea? Now, Tesla’s offering you the smaller, cheaper, and less flamboyant Model Y. The upcoming cheapest version starts at just $39,000 which is cheaper than your run-of-the-mill Lexus IS 300 and more than 50% off the price of a Model X. The battery package is that on the Model 3 Performance and you’ll be able to go between 230 and 300 miles on one charge depending on the version you choose. As it’s a Tesla, you can be sure it will be spirited, to say the least, and, as with Musk’s other creations, it caught mass manufacturers almost unprepared.

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s second volume model, part of the ’tier 3’ lineup alongside the Model 3 compact sedan. It was unveiled on March 14th during what Kirby called a "presentation bereft of all the razzle-dazzle that has become synonymous" with Tesla. This, he argued, is a sign that Tesla itself is becoming a normal, volume manufacturer, moving away from its boutique image it had maintained with the Model S and the Model X that created far more buzz upon release. Still, the event was so lackluster we could condense it all in a four-minute-long video with ease.

This doesn’t mean the Model Y has to be overlooked - quite the opposite. The Model Y has to be a hit bigger than the Model 3 is for Tesla to go on with its plans that include a full-size semi, that could be seen during the Model Y’s presentation, a pick-up truck, and the new Roadster among others. It’s obviously got to do with what Tesla’s rivals do - after all, the cheapest ’Standard’ version won’t begin shipping until 2021 - but Tesla still has the edge on everybody with its mid-size crossover.

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