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British Shop Creates First Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

British Shop Creates First Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

Cool looks, more cargo room!

For a company that was founded less than 15 years ago, Tesla is definitely doing great things for the auto industry. Its cars are the quickest and most powerful mass-produced EVs you can buy, their range is also segment-leading, while the Supercharger network makes owning and driving one a lot easier. On the flipside, Tesla current lineup is very limited, as it includes only two sedans and an SUV. A two-door sports car and a semi truck are underway, but Elon Musk’s company doesn’t have plans for more utilitarian body styles, such as a station wagon and a pickup truck. But if your dream is to own a Model S with a bigger trunk, the folks over at Qwest Norfolk will get you covered.

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RemetzCar Builds World's First Tesla Model S Hearse

RemetzCar Builds World’s First Tesla Model S Hearse

Carried off to your final resting place in an eco-friendly sort of way

One of the funny things about popular cars is that they often get turned into something completely new. Hand something stock to the right set of hands, and the first step is usually a convertible – just chop off the top, add some water-resistant fabric in case it rains, and call it day. The next step is usually a limo – cut it in half, add some extra sheet metal, and voila, you’re free to roam in an expanded rear seat. After that, you start getting into the weird stuff. Enter the Tesla Model S Hearse.

Just in time for Halloween, RemetzCar has unveiled what’s believed to be the first-ever Tesla-based Hearse.

According to RemetzCar’s website, the Netherlands-based automaker first started by removing the all-electric vehicle’s battery pack, which runs the length of the floor. Then, the lightweight body was cut in half, and an extra 80 cm (approximately 31.5 inches) was added in between. After piecing it all together and reinstalling the battery in the floor, the whole thing measures out at 227 inches (nearly 19 feet).

In addition to the increase in length, RemetzCar also added a high roof area in the stern, with glass siding that actually follows the angle of the stock Model S roofline. That’s sure to keep it somewhat aerodynamic – no point in wasting precious electricity on the way to the graveyard.

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