Land Rover has offered a lot of accessories for you to choose from for the new Defender

Land Rover finally revealed the new Defender at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show. The Defender was one of the most hardcore off-roaders before people started perceiving it as a premium SUV and not as a pure off-roader. It disappeared into oblivion in 2016 only to return three years later, reinvigorated. The new Defender is a lot more tough and back on track to being a true off-roader once again.

However, Land Rover has introduced it with all bells and whistles one can ask for and a lot of accessories to customize it as per you need. In fact, the accessories on offer have created a lot of buzz and they will be available right from the launch of the SUV. Just to be clear, there are 170 accessories and theme packs available for the Defender. We’ve chosen our pick and here are 10 accessories we found super cool and useful that you must consider if you plan on buying a Defender when it launches. Also note that we’re not going to mention the four default theme packs that Land Rover already has on offer.

Satin Protective Film - $3,800

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Land Rover is offering a Satin finish paint protection film for the Defender. It is basically a wrap that is applied to your Defender to protect the original paint from scratches and other stuff when you take it off the road. An off-roader like this one will go through a lot of abuse if you use it for what it’s built in the first place. The wrap is surely an expensive affair, but it is better than getting your car repainted or patched up.

Front jump seat - $900

The 10 Coolest Accessories Available For the 2020 Land Rover Defender
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If your Sherlock instincts would’ve stepped in at the right time, you would’ve noticed that the gear lever, AC controls, and drive mode selector, are placed much closer to the dash and only storage spaces are provided in the center console that could be ditched in favor of something else. The ‘something else’ here is the jump seat. While this adds an extra seat at the front, I would not recommend it as the injuries in case of an accident will be much more severe. There have been instances in other cars where the infotainment system and gear lever have caused grave injuries. But, on the flip side, it can be folded down and used as an armrest with two cup-holders.

Raised air intake - $834

The 2020 Land Rover Defender Has Arrived with New Tricks and Old-School Looks Exterior
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This accessory will be extremely helpful if you intend on taking your Defender off-roading regularly. It helps protect the engine by swallowing air from an elevated position above the hood. There is an air filter inside that reduces the dust particles sent in. The intake is placed on the A-pillar on the driver’s side and it makes use of the existing air intake vent fitments. However, do note that this does not increase the Defender’s wading depth, which stands at 35.4 inches.

Inflatable Waterproof Awning - $760

The 10 Coolest Accessories Available For the 2020 Land Rover Defender
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The awning is a perfect accessory for people who like to go camping or enjoy the occasional picnic. It comes with an inflatable air beam that quickly deploys in case of sudden showers or harsh sunlight. You can fit this on either sides or on the back of the Defender and there’s no need to have the roof rails installed for it. The kit includes a stirrup pump as well, with which the awning can be inflated in less than five minutes. Sounds fun, right?

Personalized Illuminated Tread Plate – $1,169

The 10 Coolest Accessories Available For the 2020 Land Rover Defender
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This is next-level personalization that not just looks cool, but also gives you a different sense of ownership altogether. This is basically tread plates for the driver and passenger side door sills that can be customized with whatever you want to have engraved. You can choose to have a message or a name in the fonts and typefaces available. They even light up whenever the front doors are opened, thanks to a set of LEDs. Imagine opening the doors and seeing your name light up before you enter. But I wonder if the valets will think you’re a narcissist.

Portable rinse system - $407

The 10 Coolest Accessories Available For the 2020 Land Rover Defender
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Even if you’re not off-roading or being adventurous, I’m sure you’ve faced a situation where you had to enter your vehicle with dirty boots, or place them inside the boot, and wished you could wash them first. The Portable rinse system is for the very same reason. This rinse system will deliver a minimum of two minutes of continuous water flow through a shower hose-style attachment. The best part about it is that it does not make use of batteries or any power source.

Integrated air compressor - $974

The 10 Coolest Accessories Available For the 2020 Land Rover Defender
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This product is immensely helpful under any circumstances. It can be used to inflate not just the Defender’s tires, but also bicycle tires, air beds, and even Land Rover’s own waterproof awning. It even comes with different attachments and a hose is provided that is long enough to reach all the tires easily so that the compressor can be stowed away in your cargo and you won’t have to be removed at all. You can pre-set the pressure as per your needs and use the digital display for extra convenience.

Pet Care and Access Pack - $1,838

The 10 Coolest Accessories Available For the 2020 Land Rover Defender
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Knowing how integral pets are to a family and also that people like to carry them around wherever they go, Land Rover has offered many accessories like the pet cargo space protection pack and pet transportation packs. My favorite of the lot is the Pet Care and Access Pack. This pack includes all the things required to transport your pets comfortably. The pack includes a full-height luggage partition, quilted cargo space liner, pet access ramp, and the portable rinse system that I mentioned earlier.

ClearSight digital rearview mirror - $450

2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
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This accessory is basically a rearview mirror that can show the camera feed with the flip of a switch. Now, you’d expect the Land Rover Defender to show you the camera feed at all times, but since the off-roader comes with a single screen, you cannot have a dedicated screen just for the rearview feed. So, the automaker decided to install a mirror that does the job. This will be helpful when you have to reverse carefully in trenches and off the roads. Even if you don’t intend to do much off-roading with your Defender, this mirror will still be very helpful and is worth considering.

Steel Wheels

The 2020 Land Rover Defender Has Arrived with New Tricks and Old-School Looks Exterior
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Steel wheels were basically used on entry-level trims of small cars in the past when alloy wheels were considered a premium. This is not the first time an outdated ‘trend’ is making a return. For instance, there are many people who are taking a fancy for non-touch bar phones again. So, for retro and nostalgia feels, the steel wheels on the Defender are a good option. The steel wheels on offer are painted in gloss white and can be had in several sizes.

Honorary Mention - Black Accessories Pack

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This is my favorite of the lot even though it is not an accessory per se. I hate chrome and will do anything to get rid of it. This, obviously, means that I love black treatments. So, if I ever buy a Defender, this is one pack I will opt for with eyes closed. The Black Pack includes a Narvik black grille bar, Narvik black hood lettering, Narvik black tailgate lettering, and Narvik black hood checker-plate.

Land Rover will also offer four themed accessory packs - Adventure, Country, Explorer, and Urban – that will bring in different features and exterior tweaks depending on the pack you choose. The Adventure pack comes with a side-mounted gear carrier, an integrated air compressor, mud flaps, a portable rinse system with a pressurized water reservoir. The Country pack offers wheel arch protection and a full-height load space partition. The Explorer pack comes with a raised air intake that’s helpful in deep wading situations, a 57-pound roof rack, and a matte black bonnet decal. The Urban package is offered with bright-metal pedals, a spare wheel cover, a front skid plate, and a bright rear scuff plate. You can also equip 22-inch, five-spoke wheels when you opt for this pack.

Final Thoughts

The 10 Coolest Accessories Available For the 2020 Land Rover Defender
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The accessories business is bigger than you’d expect it to be. Everyone knows that the dealer and the company earn the maximum through accessories. Check out Mopar, for instance. FCA sold Magneti Marelli earlier this year, but not Mopar. That should tell you why. Almost all car companies these days offer as many accessories as possible for their vehicles. And instead of introducing them depending on the car’s success in the market a year or so after its launch, automakers are introducing them right from the beginning. In fact, a customer normally buys accessories worth $800 on an average for the Wrangler and $1,000 for the Gladiator. Now that Land Rover has a plethora of accessories for the Defender, do you think it can give Jeep and Mopar a run for their money? Also, what are the three accessories/option packs that you would install on your Defender? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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