There’s more to a good car cover than simply covering your car

Protecting our cars from the elements is an important yet overlooked part of the car ownership experience. A car cover, for example, is regarded for the basic purpose of protecting our cars from the elements, be it dust, fallen leaves, or the freezing cold of the winter season. But car covers have more use than those mentioned, at least as far as the really good quality ones are concerned.

It’s not enough that they just “cover” the car; these car covers can also protect our rides from UV rays, rust, and yes, would-be car thieves. Don’t sleep on the importance of a quality car cover. More importantly, go get yourself one that can protect your car from the elements of natural or artificial varieties. These are the best car covers you can find in the market. Take your pick on which one suits you and your precious ride the best.


  • Suitable for all sedans up to 200”
  • Fabric provides UV protection
  • Actively repels water
  • Windproof straps
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to dust, pollen, pollutants, and bird droppings
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Comes with its own storage bag
The Best Car Cover 2020
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The first car cover that you should look into is this beauty from Leader Accessories. It looks like a typical car cover, but it’s not. It comes with a breathable fabric that not only repels water but also keeps your vehicle safe and dry against the elements.

Whether it’s dust, dirt, pollen, or the occasional “presents” left by birds and the like, Leader Accessories’ car cover can keep your rides safe from these unwanted guests. The cover also comes with built-in UV protection and windproof straps that should keep the cover in place even in the face of strong winds. Leader Accessories’ car cover is suitable for all sedans up to 200 inches in length, SUVs up to 240 inches, and trucks up to 249 inches.

Audew Car Cover

  • Suitable for most vehicles up to 200”
  • Protects vehicle against damaging UV radiation
  • Windproof
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Protects cars from dust, dirt, droppings, and pollen
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Prevents scratches and door dings
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Great for all weathers
The Best Car Cover 2020
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The Audew car cover is another solid option. It’s capable of protecting your cars from unwanted dirt, dust, and the like. The item is made from heavy-duty cotton; it’s also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the cover becoming too heavy for your car when it’s soaked in water. Your car will also be protected from UV rays, so no overheating when it’s parked under the sun. Audew’s car over can also fitted smoothly and removed when necessary, and comes in three sizes: large, extra-large, and double extra-large. It’s a great budget car cover option for car owners everywhere.

Titan Lightweight Car Cover

  • Fits most saloons including Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and many more
  • 200-inch length
  • Durable waterproof fabric
  • Protects against dust, dirt, and bird droppings
  • Protects vehicles against scratches
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Lightweight design
  • Loop system secures cover in place during high winds
  • Easy to fit, thanks to quick-close straps
The Best Car Cover 2020
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Sometimes, the brand name says it all. The Titan lightweight car cover not only helps keep your vehicles out of the reach of dust, dirt, and other particles, but it’ also made from a lightweight fabric that protects your car from scratches and harmful UV rays.

Despite the intimidating brand name, the Titan car cover is one of the lightest covers in the market, weighing a feathery 2.84 pounds.

It’s easy to use to the point that it even comes with a six-foot loop-end cable and lock system that helps keep the car cover in place even in harsh weather. Customer feedback has lauded the Titan car cover for staying in place even in winds of over 50 mph. The Titan lightweight car cover is suitable for sedans of up to 200 inches in length.

Budge Lite Car Cover

  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit any vehicle
  • Tough fabric is held firmly together with double stitching
  • Elasticated for a snug fit
  • Protects against leaves, dust, dirt, and droppings
  • Excellent value for money
  • Breathable to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew
  • Suitable for mainly indoor, and occasionally outdoor use
The Best Car Cover 2020
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Like most car covers in this list, the Budge Lightweight Car Cover looks inconspicuous in its dreary gray color. But don’t let its appearance fool you; this car cover is great value for money. It’s one of the best car covers in the market, a status it earned because of how durable it is with its double-stitching characteristic. Even with that, the cover comes with an elastic hem, allowing it to snuggle around your vehicle. Be advised, though. The cover was designed primarily for indoor use, though it can still be used to protect your car from the weather outside for short periods at a time. As an added bonus, the cover comes with its own bag so if it’s not in use, you won’t have trouble storing it in your garage. The Budge Lightweight Car Cover is available in as many as nine sizes.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover

  • Available in a variety of sizes suitable for most vehicles
  • Made from non-abrasive yet durable fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Protects against the sun’s UV rays
  • Each cover comes with a two-year guarantee
  • Breathable fabric protects against mold and mildew
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee to ensure quality
  • Easy to fit and remove thanks to elasticated corners
  • Suitable for both storage and moderate weather
The Best Car Cover 2020
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Don’t be fooled by its long name; the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover has one function, and it performs that function about as well as any car cover in the market. The cover is made from soft yet durable fabric, which means that protection comes easily without the cost of ruining your car’s paint job.

Each corner of the car cover is elasticated — sort of like a bed sheer cover — so it’s easy to fit the entire thing on your car.

The cover is also UV resistant and water-repellant, but also breathable. You won’t have to worry about mold and mildew getting into your car, either. Best of all, you get a two-year guarantee for every purchase of the PolyPro car cover. The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover is available in three sizes. It can be used on sedans measuring up to 215 inches long.

Kayme Four Layers Waterproof All Weather Car Covers

  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit almost any vehicleFour layers of protectionWaterproofUV resistantSoft cotton interior prevents scratchesFront and rear straps prevent the cover from being blown awayReflective stripes make the vehicle easier to see at nightZipper around driver’s door makes for easy access to items inside
The Best Car Cover 2020
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What’s better than a car cover that offers a layer of protection? How about one that offers four layers of protection. That’s what you’re going to get if you buy the Kayme Four Layers Waterproof All Weather Car Cover.

Not only is it one of the thickest car covers in the market, but it’s also one of the heaviest, weighing 5.7 pounds.

What you get from that, though, is top-shelf protection, especially with the four layers of fabric, essentially making it impenetrable to the elements. The cover’s top layer is made from aluminum. That puts the sun’s harmful UV rays in its place. There’s an additional cotton layer that protects the car’s paintwork from abrasion, and then, there’s a final layer of PE coating that keeps water out.

Kayme’s four-layer car cover also comes with front and rear straps, ensuring that the cover stays in place even under stressful weather conditions. It’s one of the best outdoor car covers you can have, and it’s available in eight different sizes.

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

  • Available in two sizes, fitting vehicles up to 204 inches in length
  • Fabric consists of five layer protection system
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable to prevent the formation of mold and mildew
  • Drawstring fit keeps cover in place during windy weather
  • Soft fleece inner layer prevents paint from scratching
  • Comes with its own storage bag and antenna patch
The Best Car Cover 2020
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Here’s another car cover that basically tells you what it’s capable of in its name. The OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover provides five layers of protection for your car.

That’s made up of three waterproof polypropylene layers and one layer each of a breathable porous film and a soft fleece. Yes, this car cover comes with soft fleece.

If that doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will. Beyond the thick layers, the OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover also comes with reinforced seams and elastic hems. There’s no way that this cover can blow away during strong winds. An antenna patch and a storage bag are included in every purchase of an OxGord cover. It’s available in two sizes, fitting vehicles that measure up to 204 inches long. The only downside to buying the OxGord cover is that this thing is heavy, weighing a whopping nine pounds.

Motor Trend OV-642 Trueshield Waterproof SUV and Van Cover

  • Available in two large sizes – perfect for SUVs
  • A great option for harsh weather conditions
  • Stands up to rain, hail, and snow
  • Won’t blow away in windy conditions thanks to built-in straps
  • Snug fit keeps out harmful debris
  • Comes with its own security cable to keep the cover secure and help prevent theft
The Best Car Cover 2020
- image 897140

If you’re looking for a car cover that can fit even large cars and SUVs, Motor Trend’s OV-642 Trueshield Waterproof Cover is available specifically for vans and SUVs measuring up to 225 inches in length. Thanks to the cover’s durability and high-quality, the OV-462 Trueshield Waterproof Cover is capable of thwarting dust, dirt, debris, and other foreign elements from getting inside your van or SUV. It comes with straps in the front and rear, making for a snug fit for your vehicles. It even has its own security cable lock that’s made from hardened steel and covered in plastic to prevent scratches.

Not only does this cable help keep the cover in place, but, more importantly, it deters thieves from even trying to make an attempt on your ride. Quite simply, Motor Trend’s OV-642 Trueshield Waterproof Cover works as advertised. It’s one of the best outdoor car covers in the market today.

XCAR Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover

  • Fits vehicles up to 200 inches in length
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable fabric protects against mold, mildew, and rust
  • Protects car against scratches and dings
  • Perfect for indoor storage and occasional outdoor use
  • Elasticated hems allow for a snug fit
  • Protects cars against dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris
  • Comes with an antenna patch, storage bag, and one-year warranty
The Best Car Cover 2020
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If Motor Trend can have a car cover, what’s stopping other car publications from having their own, too? Nothing, I suppose. On that end, this is the XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover. It’s a lot cheaper than Motor Trend’s OV-462 Trueshield Waterproof UV and Van Cover, but don’t mistake its affordability for inferior quality. On the contrary, XCAR’s car cover is ideally suited as a car cover for all seasons.

It’s made from tough fabric that helps prevent dings and scratches from ruining the aesthetics of your prized steed


The cover even comes with its own antenna patch and storage bag, allowing you to bring the car cover on the road with you. A one-year warranty should also give you the confidence of using the car cover without worrying about the added costs that come with replacing covers over time.

Patented Hail Protector Car Cvoer System

  • Comes in a variety of sizes; suitable for all sorts of vehicle
  • Unique inflatable design offers unbeatable protection against hail stones
  • Breathable fabric
  • Can also be used as an every-day cover
  • Protects against sand, dirt, and dust as well as hail
  • Connect with a mobile app for advance warning of incoming hail storms
  • Comes with its own handy storage bag
The Best Car Cover 2020
- image 897125

The Hail Protector Car Cover System is the most unique car cover in this list. It also happens to be one of the best car covers in this list.

Unlike all the other covers in this list, the Hail Protector Car Cover looks more like a giant bug with your car safely hidden inside the cocoon-like visual of the cover.

As its name implies, the Hail Protector Car Cover System can protect your cars against hail stones through a constant air flow system that can be activated through the use of a mobile app. The app, in particular, includes a handful of nifty features and abilities. One such feature is the ability to predict when storms are moving into your area. You won’t find a car cover as unique as the Hail Protector Car Cover System. The flip side of that is that it weighs a staggering 28.8 pounds.

Will a car cover scratch my car?

The Best Car Cover 2020
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No, so don’t worry. All the car covers in the list above are of good quality, each with some sort of soft lining that prevents scratches. These linings are not abrasive so your car’s paint is in no danger of getting slapped or chipped.

Can I put a car cover on when the car is wet?

The Best Car Cover 2020
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A lot of car covers are breathable by nature so that shouldn’t prevent you from putting a cover even your car is wet. The very nature of breathable fabric allows water to evaporate from your car and escape without letting in droplets of rain. This ensures that rust, mold, or mildew doesn’t form.

What are car covers made of?

The Best Car Cover 2020
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Car covers are made from different materials, but the most commonly-used materials includes polyethylene, aluminum, and cotton.

How do I install a car cover?

The Best Car Cover 2020
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You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to install a car cover. That much we’re sure of. First, you unfold the cover and line it up with your vehicle. Some car covers come with slots for wing mirrors so take advantage of using these slots to position your cover the right way round. From there, it’s a matter of slowly unfurling the cover and pulling down the correct end over the front and the trunk. Most car covers come with hooks or straps to keep them in place.

How often should I wash my car cover?

The Best Car Cover 2020
- image 897141

There’s no specific schedule for washing a car cover; you just have to look at it. If it looks disgusting with all the mud, dirt, bird doo-doo, and other debris, it’s time to give it a wash. Fortunately, a lot of car covers can be washed by hand easily using a mild liquid detergent and lukewarm water. Just be careful not to wash it everyday or even every few days. Washing it too often could result in the waterproofing getting damaged.

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