Maybe getting stuck in the snow isn’t so bad after all

Imagine this: you’re driving to your friend’s house on New Year’s Eve, and you get stuck on the way due to a snowstorm or a blocked road. You end up stuck for a few hours or until the next morning. You definitely won’t be cold if you have enough gasoline to keep the engine running, but things will become boring fast in an old vehicle without comfort and entertaining features.

Whether you’re alone or you have company, you need a few modern features to keep you busy until the storm passes or a rescue team comes to unblock the road. It’s obviously too cold outside, so you need to say inside. Hot drinks aren’t an option, but certain cars will keep you entertained or provide plenty of room to stretch out. Let’s find out which cars are the best to spend New Year’s in.

Honda Odyssey

2018 Honda Odyssey
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The cool thing about the Odyssey is that it offers a lot of passenger room. Whether you’re alone or with a few friends, you will have enough room to stretch without stepping out of the cabin and into the blizzard. More importantly, Honda’s latest infotainment system provides a lot of fun.

Paired to an eight-inch screen with plenty of shortcut keys, HondaLink is easy to use and responds very fast to inputs.

It includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, covering all popular smartphones and tablets, as well as satellite and HD radio. Whether you want to listen to music or the local weather forecast, HondaLink provides. The available Wi-Fi hotspot will connect all passenger devices to the internet so no one will get bored.

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Audi A7

2019 Audi A7 Exterior Wallpaper quality
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369 LB-FT of Torque

Speaking of infotainment systems, Audi’s MMI Touch Response, available in models like the A7, is among the best you can have. Accessible through a large, 10.1-inch screen in the A7, the MMI Touch Response uses powerful graphics processors to activate any command without lag.

It also has cool graphics and highly stylized elements and the smartphone-like menus are easy to use.

What’s more, it features a second, 8.6-inch display that includes touch-operated climate controls so you don’t need to dig through menu screens to keep the cabin warm. Of course, the Audi A7 comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, radio, Wi-Fi, and all the features you need to stay connected and to keep you entertained for hours.

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Volvo XC90

2016 Volvo XC90 High Resolution Exterior
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The XC90 is yet another cool vehicle to spend time in. Not only spacious for passengers and with plenty of luggage room, but it also features a tablet-like display for the Volvo Sensus Connect system.

One of the most advanced car infotainment systems, Sensus Connect is easy to use and has minimalist, yet has attractive graphics.

You can swipe back and forth between three pages of controls and apps and you can configure the home screen to show you most recently used functions, phone, and music information. Just like in the A7, you can enjoy the latest apps, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, and many more.

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Ford Flex

The Best Cars to Roll With in the Middle of a New Year's Snow Storm Exterior Wallpaper quality
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But what if you get tired and you’d rather take a nap instead of browsing the internet or listening to music? Well, the Ford Flex is the perfect vehicle to do just that.

Rear seats aren't always a comfortable bed, but the Flex has plenty of space in there with no fewer than 44 inches of legroom.

Reclining the backseats will make for a comfortable nap space, but you can also fold both the second and third rows flat if you have a blanket with you. And it’s always safe to carry a blanket in the trunk during the cold season. What’s more, the Flex comes with a fridge in the second-row seat, so you can store food and drinks for situations just like these. Better hurry though, the Flex is already ten years old, and Ford won’t keep it in production for long.

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Toyota Sienna

2018 Toyota Sienna High Resolution Exterior
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The Sienna is yet another cool vehicle to sleep in. It makes a lot of sense since it’s a minivan, but it also comes with plenty of convenience features to keep you busy and entertained if you don’t feel like taking a nap.

Choose to have a sleepover until a snow storm passes and there's a lot of room in the second-row seats.

You can recline them, fold them, or simply use them as a couch as long as you can cover the space between them with something, so you don’t wake up with terrible back pain. Choose to stay up and you can enjoy Toyota’s dual-view blu-ray disc entertainment system, which includes a big, 16.4-inch color display, a remote, and two wireless headphones. There’s also a seven-inch display for the infotainment system that includes Entune 3.0 App Suite, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa.

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Bentley Bentayga

2017 Bentley Bentayga High Resolution Exterior
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The Bentayga might not be as spacious as the Sienna, but it’s the perfect vehicle if you decide to wait for the snow storm to pass by having a New Year’s party. Thanks to its reclining rear seats with footrest and massage function, the Bentayga will keep you and your friends comfortable, while the rear-seat entertainment system will enable all occupants to play their own music.

Arguably the coolest feature is the Mulliner-made cooler.

Placed between the rear seats, it can hold a bottle of champagne and it also includes two bespoke holders with crystal flute glasses. This SUV can also be equipped with a larger cooler with normal glasses and more storage room and even an illuminated cocktail cabinet. The Bentayga is pretty much a hotel room on wheels so it’s definitely a nice place to get stuck in. At least for a few hours.

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