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Looking at how 2020 turned out to be, most of us are looking forward to 2021. While we are trying to bring in more positivity (pun unintended) into our lives in the coming year, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to equip our cars with some cool accessories. A lot of people wouldn’t have taken long trips in their cars or driven them to their heart’s content this year, so how about pampering yourself with some nice car stuff to kick off the new year on a good note? Here’s a list of five cool car accessories (plus a bonus accessory for EV owners) that would be a perfect way to bid adieu to 2020.

Escort IX Laser Radar Detector

The Best Cool Car Accessories To Bring In The New Year
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Been long since you redlined your car? You want to do it but you’re scared of getting a ticket? Well, invest in this product, in that case. The Escort IX Laser Radar Detector comes with a technology that is customized to your driving style. It also offers voice alerts for handsfree operation, shows data on a multi-color OLED display, and features an IVT filter that automatically updates to reduce false alerts. Not to mention it also offers long-range detection. Order Yours today!

YI Mirror Dash Cam

The Best Cool Car Accessories To Bring In The New Year
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Although it’s called a dashcam, it is certainly a lot more versatile. The entire setup comes with a 1080p front camera, a 720p rear camera, a 4.3-inch integrated touchscreen, and night vision. You don’t need to take your existing rearview mirror out; this one just straps on to the present one without any fuss. My favorite feature is the driver fatigue alert which prompts after two hours of continuous driving and can be turned off only manually. It also supports app functionality that views videos and playback history in real-time. Chek out the latest price on Amazon

Cooluli Mini Fridge

The Best Cool Car Accessories To Bring In The New Year
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Car fridges are not uncommon, but this one also works as a warmer. The range starts with a four-liter capacity and comes with a handle on to that makes it easy to carry around. Thanks to its compact size, you can keep it in your car’s footwell if you don’t have space elsewhere. This portable fridge works even outside cars, if you ever need it. The fridge can be powered by plugging into the car cigarette lighter, a USB port, or into the wall. The inner shelf can be removed if you want more space inside. And, to top it all off, it can warm up to 149-degree Fahrenheit. A must-have product to ring in the new year. Cheers!

Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier

The Best Cool Car Accessories To Bring In The New Year
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With pollution levels touching new heights constantly, a car air purifier is a must, especially for folks who spend hours in the car during peak-hour traffic every day. The Philips GoPure air purifier is compact in size and comes with a three-stage filtration process that eliminates harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, odors, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles from the vehicle. The package comes with mounting accessories, including a 13-feet 12V power cable. The filters have a life of 8-12 months and can be replaced without tools, thus making long-term ownership fuss-free. You can order one from here.

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

The Best Cool Car Accessories To Bring In The New Year
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A phone holder that supports wireless charging? Take my money! There are many such products in the market now, but this product by ZeeHoo is versatile and user-friendly. It comes with an automatic opening and clamping design which can be operated by one hand, thus making things a lot easier. It supports fast wireless charging of up to 15W. The mount can be fixed either on the windshield or the dash using a suction cup or in the air vents using a clip. All the mounting accessories come in the package. It also features 360-degree rotation, making it easier to use your phone for navigation and phone calls, too. Available on Amazon with free shipping.

Bonus - MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger

The Best Cool Car Accessories To Bring In The New Year
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For most folks, the main reason to not switch to EVs is range anxiety. Electric automakers are continuously working towards eliminating this fear by building batteries that can last for a lot more miles and charge faster. But, in the meantime, we can either drive with the anxiety or look for alternate options like a portable EV charger!

The MUSTART Level 2 charger is a 26A EV charger which is said to be sturdier, contain more sensitive chips, and have a higher waterproof level, and also better abrasion resistance than its previous model. It claims that the charger is 1.5 times faster than the 16A Level 2 EV charger. The charger is compact in size and comes with a 25-feet charging cable. It is also lightning-proof and has leakage, overvoltage, overheat, and overcurrent protection. Most importantly, the charger is compatible with most EVs. Check it out and see if it works for you!

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