If you need a new racing game on your phone, one of these will do you nicely

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As car enthusiasts, we all tend to have the need for speed every now and then. Some of us more often than others. If you, like us, dread the potential consequences of having fun with your car, fear not. Mobile racing games are as plentiful and as easy to get as ever. This means you can scratch your itch on that smart device in your pocket without any unpleasant aftereffects. Moreover, many of these racing games are free to play. Here are some of the best Android and iPhone mobile racing games you can play for free.

CSR Racing 2

For the sake of originality, we will not be referencing the “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time” line, but if you do, CSR Racing 2 is the game to go for. The game itself is pretty straightforward. We are talking about the old-school drag race, car versus car. It’s the perfect game to test your reaction time, as all are trying to hit the green RPMs for the perfect launch and shift at precisely the right moment for the best possible drag time. The game offers impressive graphics and a detailed world. As far as iPhone racing games and Android car games go, this one offers among the biggest car choices. And let’s not forget all the customizability options. From hot-hatchbacks to classic muscle, and rare hypercars.

Asphalt 9 Legends

It wouldn’t be a complete list without mentioning the latest installment of the Asphalt franchise.

This mobile racing game combines fast-paced street racing with decision-making, as you would need to choose between different routes or bonuses throughout each session.

Compared to previous Asphalt games, the arcade handling is turned down a notch, but you still get those epic barrel rolls every time you do a jump. The graphics are really good, and once again, because of the attention to detail the streets never feel empty. The vehicle’s arsenal is equally impressive too, featuring anything from a Lancer Evolution to a LaFerrari. On top of that, you can also enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Real Racing 3

With this racing game, things get more serious. Real Racing 3 is focused more on simulation-style racing, so it’s much more realistic than the other entries, in terms of physics. That’s not all.

The game is impressively versatile in that it lets you choose between more than a few motorsport types, among which NASCAR, Formula 1, and Formula E.

The versatility of the game does not end with the different racing series. You also get different race types – circuit races, drag racing, time trials, and many others. As with most games, you start from scratch and eventually unlock better vehicles and more challenging races.

Hill Climb Racing 2

If the previous entry was more about realism and serious racing, this one is the complete opposite. The wacky world of Hill Climb Racing 2 may offer only two-dimensional graphics, but that doesn’t make it a dull way to pass the time. The game is all about having fun, with a crazy arsenal of vehicles from one-wheelers through dirt bikes, sports cars, and off-roaders, all the way to jet sky, monster trucks, and tanks. The game is all about racing through different terrains, packed with hills and jumps, where you need to not only stay ahead, but collect coins, and try not to wreck your ride. The madness is completed with cartoon-themed graphics and funny avatars.

Forza Street

Another game that definitely deserves to be on the best mobile racing games list is Forza Street. You have probably played a version of this incredible open-world racing game on Play Station of Xbox, but there is an equally impressive mobile version. Typically for a game of this franchise, the graphics of this mobile racing game are nothing less than stunning.

As with other Forza games, the choice of vehicles is immense.

You can choose anything from 1960s and 1970s classics, through 1990s JDM tuner cars, to the craziest hypercars that exist. You also get a progressive career with a storyline and rich customization options. Unique to this game is that it shares progress with the console and Windows versions, meaning cars you’ve unlocked in the mobile racing game can be used in your Xbox or PS version.

Need For Speed No Limits

One of the most recognized names in the racing games genre for a reason. This mobile version impresses with its accurate if not heavily arcade-ish depiction of underground street racing. Like in previous console and windows games, you start with a slow car and upgrade and race your way to the more exciting stuff.

You start with cars like the Subaru BRZ and work your way up to stuff like Koenigsegg and Bugatti.

As with other street racing games, customization and performance upgrades are heavily emphasized on. More importantly, a definitive NFS feature made it on to the mobile game. Yes, the cops are here to add to the excitement and sense of reward when you evade them.

Asphalt Xtreme

Just like the Asphalt 9 Legends, the Asphalt Xtreme focuses on arcade racing. However, instead of flashy sports cars racing in the city streets, you get dedicated off-road vehicles which you race on challenging terrains. As with the other Asphalt games, all vehicles are licensed and there is plenty to choose from. Anything from dune buggies to full-on rally cars.

All in all 50 cars are waiting to be unlocked and unleashed in various exotic locations.

You still get the crazy stunts and wacky physics just like in previous Asphalt games, along with the crazy camera angles. And with over 1,000 race challenges, you’ll have a hard time getting bored with this one.

Real Drift Car Racing

This mobile racing game is all about going sideways. Rack up crazy points and chain drifts in a wide variety of licensed vehicles. You get the usual suspects, like the Supra, Skyline, RX7, and other JDM icons, along with a few surprising entries, such as the Mustang GT and BMW M3 E30.

The graphics are decent, although not the most realistic, but that's missing the point.

The visuals are a subtle love letter to the Japanese classics “Kaido battle” and “Initial-D”, which revolve around Touge racing and drifting. You still get amazing landscapes, while destroying virtual tires and the lighting effects are truly awesome, especially on the sunset mountain course.

Thumb Drift

While on the subject of drifting, here is another viable proposition. If you are wondering what’s with the name, there is a good reason.

The game is played by using only one finger, which makes it incredibly simple.

It’s pretty straightforward, choose a car and rack up crazy drift scores. The game is very fast-paced and engaging. Yes, the graphics are pretty simple and do not offer a lot of detail, but do you really care? It’s a game that doesn’t take itself seriously and just wants to be enjoyed. The choice of cars is quite decent too. They are not licensed but are easily recognizable.

Top Speed 2

If you fancy being an undercover cop and busting illegal racers, this one is for you. As with our first entry, this mobile racing game is all about response time and shift points. The story is engaging enough that you would want to continue playing while tricking out your ride and crossing out defeated racers.

The game has a nice fluidity to it, in the way it progresses through the different stages.

As with many other games, you start with the slowest cars and unlock better ones as you progress. There are 70 unlockable cars, which are unlicensed but are immediately recognizable. Tuning options are also quite comprehensive, so you can make the cars truly your own. The graphics are easy on the eye, without being overly flashy.


What mobile games don’t have microtransactions?

Microtransactions are becoming more and more mainstream. Some games from smaller or start-up game developers don’t include this feature yet.

Are there any real free-to-play mobile racing games?

Yes. Most games are free to play. However, many feature premium content or some kind of “pay to win” content.

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