• The Best Wall-Climbing RC Cars

Wall-climbing radio-controlled cars are trending right now, so here’s the cream of the crop

RC cars have evolved a lot since the first of their kind hit the toy stores. Nowadays, you’ve got your off-road RC cars, your supercar-inspired RC cars, and as of late, wall-climbing RC cars. Here are some of the most interesting ones currently available on Amazon.

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Wall-Climbing RC Car

The Best Wall-Climbing RC Cars
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Dubbed as able to drive on the ground, on the walls and on the ceiling, the Air Hogs Zero Gravity is controlled via a laser gun. In a way, it pretty much acts as your cat: just aim the laser beam to where you want the car to go and it will follow. The downside is that you will have to tweak your aim into a one-foot radius around the car, otherwise the car’s sensors will not be able to pick up the signal. Also included in the set is the laser gun controller, a charging cable, and a USB-rechargeable battery. Get it for $50 on Amazon.

Wall/Floor Dual-Mode Remote Control Car

The Best Wall-Climbing RC Cars
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Thanks to a suction fan fitted on its belly, this RC wall-climbing car can climb smooth vertical surfaces with ease, including windows and mirrors. The maker also says it can “perform tricks while rotating 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. With a body shell made of bump-resistant plastic, the car is light enough but most importantly, it will not disintegrate after a couple of uses.

Recommended charging time (via USB) is 40 to 50 minutes, so it should not keep your kid out of the fun zone for too long. Plus, it looks like a Batmobile tuned by West Coast Customs so it cannot go wrong with that, we guess. Get it for $29 on Amazon.

TGQ KIDZ Remote Control Wall-Climbing Race Car

The Best Wall-Climbing RC Cars
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If this RC car looks familiar but you cannot put your finger on it, well, that’s because there’s a bit of Ferrari and a bit of Lamborghini baked into its design. Looks aside, the manufacturer trumpets a shock-proof body kit that will remain intact even if the car falls off the ceiling. It is also fitted with a suction system that keeps it glued to vertical planes (if they are smooth and clean), including glass and highly polished surfaces. Available on Amazon (in several liveries) for $18.

LI CHENG FENG Wall-Climbing RC Car

The Best Wall-Climbing RC Cars
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Pagani Zonda looks aside, this RC car is one of the most affordable wall-climbing gizmos you can get on Amazon. The maker says it is suitable for kids aged 3 to 6 and just like many of its peers, it can, too, drive glass, windows, walls, and whatnot. You can switch between its two modes (Wall and Floor) and comes with LED headlights and taillights that switch on or off depending on the direction of travel. The Lithium-polymer battery pack needed to power the car is included at purchase. Mind you, the low price is reflected in the overall build quality according to some customer reviews. Get it for $20 on Amazon.

Wuxiaobo Wall-Climbing RC Car

The Best Wall-Climbing RC Cars
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This Lamborghini-on-steroids-like RC car comes with a low-power suction system that is said to offer better battery life than its rivals. Other than its alien looks, it rotates 360 degrees and it is made of non-toxic ABS that’s light and also bump resistant. Available in four colors for $26 on Amazon.

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