• The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV

If you ignore the price shock for a while, the stuff offered on the Hummer EV is actually pretty cool!

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At a time when people are a lot more concerned about the environment, if you tell people you own a gas guzzler like a Hummer, they will stare at you utter disdain. But, GMC is here to change that image of the otherwise much-adored moniker. The company brought back the nameplate from the ashes and slapped it on an electric vehicle without harming its credibility of being big and bulky.

The Hummer EV is a monster and is being marketed as a supertruck. The company has finally unveiled the truck, and although it might draw a lot of polarizing opinions, there’s no denying that it comes with some rather cool features. Whether or not they’re worth the six-digit figure is a different question, but here’s a list of some of them that left us impressed:

Infinity Roof

The Hummer EV will come with Infinity Roof. This is essentially a removable roof. You can detach the sky panels to make it top-less. There are four panels in total that are to be removed, along with an I-bar at the front to offer an open-air experience. The rear I-bar remains as it is, giving a Targa-like T-shape top. Since there are no window braces either, it will be a sweet experience.

GMC also mentioned that the roof panels can be stowed away in the frunk.

We’ll have to wait for more details to see if removing it and putting it back is easy or not. The fact that GMC didn’t tell us about it makes it look like it will be a cumbersome experience. The automaker also offers transparent sky panels as an optional accessory and they are tinted to deflect the sun.

Ultravision Cameras

The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV
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Ultravision Cameras will be extremely useful when you take the Hummer EV off-road. The automaker has equipped forward and rear-facing cameras under the body to give you a view of what’s underneath the truck. The cameras offer up to 18 different views and are said to be placed low enough to see beyond the skid plates. If you’re worried about them getting damaged, fret not. They come with replaceable lens protectors, and the adjustable ride height and ground clearance will reduce the risk of the cameras getting damaged. They also include a wash function so that you don’t have to get under the body to clean it after a slushy ride.

Crab Walk

Now, this is an interesting feature that will make off-roading an even better experience. The Hummer EV comes with a 4-wheel steer that features CrabWalk mode.

The rear-wheel steering can articulate up to 10 degrees, and front wheels can be steered at the same angle at low speeds, which enables the truck to move forward, err., diagonal, like a crab.

Now, this isn’t as exciting as Rivian’s Tank Turn, but not a bad feature to have.

The 4-Wheel steer also reduces the turning radius, but overall, this seems to be a feature that will come in handy while off-roading, but not much in day-to-day use. Perhaps, something like to Toyota’s Turn Assist Control from the Land Cruiser that locks the rear wheels – we also saw this in a Bronco video before its launch – and reduces the turning radius would’ve been much better and useful. But hey, that’s just us nitpicking.

Watts to Freedom

The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Exterior
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In two of the four iterations, the GMC Hummer EV will be offered with a three-motor setup. The power is sent out to the electric four-wheel-drive system with torque vectoring, producing 800 ponies and 1,000 ponies, respectively. With the three motor layout, you will get access to the ‘Watts to Freedom’, a driver-selectable mode that activates a launch control of sorts. Turn this on and see yourself touch 60 mph from a standstill in three seconds! We don’t know the coefficient drag and curb weight of the truck, but both will be on the higher side. For a truck this big, three seconds to 60 mph is a great achievement.

Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode

The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV
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An adaptive air suspension will be offered on the GMC Hummer EV that automatically adjusts the height for different conditions. It features Extract Mode that raises the truck up to six inches to maneuver carefully over boulders and fording water. There is a selectable drive mode as well, called the Terrain Mode, which raises the height by two inches. The suspension can also be had with Continuous Damping Adaptive Ride Control that responds to road inputs by adjusting damping levels.

Super Cruise

The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV
- image 943208

The Hummer EV will come with GM’s latest version of the Super Cruise. This makes it the first non-Cadillac vehicle to feature it. It was first introduced on the Cadillac CT6 four years back, but now comes on the 2022 Hummer EV as well. This driver assistance feature offers hands-free driving on more than 200,000 miles of enables roads. This version of the Super Cruise also features automatic lane changing, which means all you have to do is flick the turn indicator and the vehicle will switch lanes on its own.

Ultium Batteries

The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV
- image 943205

Automakers are coming up with new battery technologies every other day. Tesla even has an annual event that revolves around it! But, this needs special mention because GM is generally touted as a lazy EV automaker despite starting off before a lot of other automakers. The company revealed Ultium Batteries earlier this year that will be seen in a lot of its products in the future. These batteries are unique because the large-format, pouch-style cells can be stacked vertically or horizontally inside the battery pack and it helps optimize battery energy storage and layout for each vehicle design.

The company hasn’t revealed the details for the GMC Hummer EV yet, but in the top trims, it is expected to deliver a range of around 350 miles on a single charge. These Ultium batteries support fast charging as well, with select trims offering up to 100 miles of range in 10 minutes, thanks to its compatibility with 800V DC fast chargers up to 350 kW.

MultiPro Tailgate

The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV
- image 943292

GMC Sierra features the MultiPro tailgate and the same is carried over to the Hummer EV as well. With a six-way operation, it is one of the most versatile tailgates in the market currently. It essentially has two gates, wherein a fold-out stopper can be deployed from the inner tailgate. It can withstand up to 375 pounds. A power Tonneau cover and a power rear drop glass window further improve the hauling versatility in this truck.

Off-roading Prowess

The Coolest Features of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Exterior
- image 943091

The Hummer EV comes with some heavy off-road equipment.

Independent front and rear suspension is offered as standard whereas the front and rear lockers are optional.

There’s full underbody armor to protect from hits on beaten paths, and these steel plates even protect the differential and the battery pack. 4-Wheel steering is something we’ve already mentioned, so that’s going to be helpful in these situations, and so will the rock sliders and suspensions system.

The truck comes with 18-inch wheels as standard, wrapped in 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler MT tires. Even 37-inch tires can be accommodated without any fuss. The Hummer EV also boasts of strong off-roading specs, especially when you select the Terrain Mode from the drive modes. This is offered on all trims but the base as standard. With the Terrain Mode engaged, this is how the supertruck is rated:

Ground Clearance: 11.9 inches
Approach Angle: 44.3 degrees
Departure Angle: 33.7 degrees
Breakover Angle: 25.4 degrees
Water Fording: 28 inches
Wall Climb: 18 inches
Front Suspension Travel: 13 inches
Rear Suspension Travel: 13 inches

If these numbers aren’t impressive, you can opt for the optional extract mode that takes it up a notch. With this engaged, the numbers read:

Ground Clearance: 15.9 inches
Approach Angle: 49.7 degrees
Departure Angle: 38.4 degrees
Breakover Angle: 32.2 degrees
Water Fording: 32 inches
Wall Climb: 18 inches
Front Suspension Travel: 13 inches
Rear Suspension Travel: 13 inches
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