• The Ford Bronco’s Door Storage Solution Sets the Standard for Off-Road Vehicles

Thanks to onboard storage, you now have the freedom to remove the doors whenever you feel like instead of planning in advance and leaving them at home

The all-new Ford Bronco has finally made its much-anticipated debut and the initial impressions are very positive. Ford has not only equipped stuff that enthusiasts crave for in an off-roader, but has also upped the ante tremendously. The manual gearbox, for instance, comes with a creeper gear that makes off-roading a lot more fun. Among a host of other impressive features, there’s something that the purists and camping aficionados would appreciate – the removable doors and roof.

The Removable Doors Can Be Stowed In A Storage Space In The Off-Roader Itself

The two-door and the four-door Broncos come with a removable doors and roof.

We’ve seen this on the Wrangler as well, but the Bronco’s doors can be stored safely into the cargo area instead of leaving them out in the garage.

On the four-door Bronco models, you can store all the doors in the protective door bags provide and stow it on board in the cargo area.

The Bronco features frameless doors that make the process of removing the doors easier and quicker.

Unlike the Wrangler where the side wing mirrors also come off when you remove the doors, the Bronco’s stay where they are.

Instead of mounting them on the doors, Ford has mounted the wing mirrors on the cowl. This way, you still get a view of all the action behind even with the doors off.

How To Remove The Doors On The Bronco?

The Ford Bronco's Door Storage Solution Sets the Standard for Off-Road Vehicles
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Tools Needed: M10 Hex

Step 1: Roll down the windows.
Step 2: If you are removing any of the front doors, swing the cowl-mounted wing mirrors forward.
Step 3: Access the compartment inside and release the door’s electrical and mechanical connectors.
Step 4: Remove the upper and lower hinges using the M10 hex tool provided with the Bronco and lift the door. Voila! The door is now in your hands. Congratulations!

All four doors can be stored at the back, but it doesn’t leave a lot of space for you to carry other stuff. So, plan accordingly.

Removable Roof Is An Art In Itself

The Ford Bronco's Door Storage Solution Sets the Standard for Off-Road Vehicles Exterior High Resolution
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The removable roofs are different on the two-door and the four-door models. The two-door Broncos are offered only with a hardtop and come with a standard three-panel roof system – two over the occupants and one large panel for the rear. The ones over the occupants can be stored in the cargo area, but the bigger one will have to be left at home. However, you can opt for a premium painted modular top that makes it a four-section system and allows to you remove and store the panels even more conveniently.

The Ford Bronco's Door Storage Solution Sets the Standard for Off-Road Vehicles
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The four-door models, on the other hand, have four removable roof sections as standard. These aren’t four same-sized quadrants but are two panels over the front occupants, a full-width center panel, and a rear section.

Although the arrangement seems quite similar to the Jeep Wrangler’s, Ford stresses the fact that the roof panels on both the Bronco models can be removed by one person by unlocking the latches from the interior.

If you’re confused between a soft-top or a hardtop, Ford has a sweet solution for you. While it comes standard with a cloth soft top, you can opt to hardtop as well as the soft top on the four-door Bronco. Talk about flexibility!

How To Remove The Roof On The Bronco?

The Ford Bronco's Door Storage Solution Sets the Standard for Off-Road Vehicles
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Tools Needed: Torx Plus 30, Torx Plus 50

For the front panels, you just need to release a few latches and lift the roof. The rear ones, however, are comparatively complicated. Here’s how you remove them:

Step 1: Disconnect the electrical and washer hose connector located on the tailgate on the driver’s side.
Step 2: Remove the fastener from the top center of the roof using the Torx Plus 30 tool.
Step 3: Remove eight other fasteners using the Torx Plus 50 tool. Voila! The roof is now in your hands, above your head. Congratulations! Now give a snide smile to your friend trying to remove his Wrangler’s roof.

As I mentioned earlier, you can store the front panels in the Bronco itself, but you will have to leave the bigger rear panel behind.

Final Thoughts

The Ford Bronco's Door Storage Solution Sets the Standard for Off-Road Vehicles
- image 919854

While describing theoretically, the Bronco’s process seems a lot simpler. Given how much Ford has stressed on the ease of removing the doors and roof, we expect it to be fairly easy and uncomplicated. But, we’ll have to see how it works practically in real conditions.

Do you find the Bronco’s removable system more appealing and easy-to-use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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