• Tips in Buying a Vintage Car

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Buying a vintage car takes a lot of time and effort. It is not like buying an ordinary car.

The first thing to do when buying a vintage car is to settle on what type of car suits your personality. Each vintage car model has its own personality that can be easily be adopted by the driver. The so called “Exotic Vintage Cars” personifies financial richness. This type of vintage cars mostly appears in major and international auto shows around the world.

Tips in Buying a Vintage Car
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Vintage car with personality? Maybe :)

The second thing to do is weigh your finances and your capabilities to restore & maintain vintage cars. The most common bought and sold vintage car models are the “Collectors’ Item”. These types of vintage cars are excellently restored and can be very reliable runners in the road. However, “Collectors’ Item” has the tendency to be remodeled from its ground. This is the reason why “Collectors’ Item” vintage cars should only be bought by buyers who has a background in mechanics and car repair.

Tips in Buying a Vintage Car
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I can’t fix it, but i can smile

“Collectors’ Item” vintage cars are regarded by many car collectors as a very good investment. These types of cars are likely to be sold at least twice or thrice the amount of its original price. However, the cost of maintaining a “Collectors’ Item” vintage car to its saleable condition is so expensive. For first time “Collectors’ Item” vintage car buyers, they should disregard the car’s asset potential until they get acquainted with its market.

If you already have accomplished the first and second steps in pre-buying a vintage car, then you are ready to shop. But where to buy? Vintage car auctions around the country are the best avenue to observe hundreds and thousands of collectors’ cars in display. In addition, vintage car auctions offer some bargain opportunities. In the United States, there are more than a dozen vintage car auctions held annually.

Tips in Buying a Vintage Car
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I’ll take it! Oh, why can’t they hear me?

Aside from vintage car auctions, vintage car clubs (some of them available in the internet) can also be a great place to buy a vintage car. For instance, if you want to buy a classic Ferrari, then look around for a vintage Ferrari car club. Some of this clubs only transact with fellow members but others are open to anybody. However, being a vintage car club member will greatly help you to buy and sell a vintage car because of its networking capabilities. There are hundreds of vintage car clubs in the US today.

If you still did not find what you are looking for, then check out newspaper ads, car e-zines, car magazines, and auto publications. This includes the Car Collector Magazine, Old Car Trader, and Collectible Automobile. Hemmings Auto News is one of the best vintage car publications in the US that details on buying and selling collectors’ cars. In addition, different monthly journals and periodical guides also list different classic vintage cars in their contents. Some of the most well-known are the Collector Car & Truck Market Guide and the Old Cars Value Guide.

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