• Tips in buying an SUV: its safety measures and more

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  • SUV can carry a large number of people
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The Sports Utility Vehicle or more commonly known by its abbreviation – SUV is one most of the most popular car types in road today. In fact, SUVs are the most famous 4x4 cars in the market at present. This vehicle combines good looks, sporty applications, and comfort into a single entity.

They do not only look classy and sporty, they also have luxury and comfort in their style. SUVs were also known as one of the most practical vehicles because it can be used anywhere and everywhere – as a car pool, as a luxury-type car, and as a two-seater.

Some of the many common uses of an SUV include the following:

  • it can be used as a vehicle to take you and your family to different activities
  • it can be a business car to travel with your clients
  • it is good for camping and trail riding
  • it can also be used to dig away snows
  • it is perfect vehicle for mudding rides and desert driving
  • it is also good in rock, hill, and mountain climbing because of its powerful engine
  • when someone is jammed and / or trapped in the road, it is a good vehicle for unstucking one

SUVs can be a very dependable vehicle especially for people with a very active lifestyle. Some of its good points include the following:

  • it is the perfect vehicle for distant traveling
  • can carry a large number of people
  • has an excellent horsepower
  • can be very secure
  • it is a crash-safe vehicle
  • very spacious
  • brilliant in off-road
  • an all-in-one vehicle
  • perfect as a minivan alternative
  • good in a stormy environment
Tips in buying an SUV: its safety measures and more
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SUV can carry a large number of people

However, SUVs also has some several weak points. Because of its big and bulky size, it is very difficult to park especially in areas with small spaces. SUVs are also known to consume more fuel because of its engine power. Many car experts also do not recommend SUVs to be driven by first time drivers, such as teens, because it is more suitable for very experienced drivers. Technically speaking, SUVs are labeled as trucks in the United States because of their size and power. Although it looks like a luxury vehicle, SUVs has also in its system some truck applications. Aside from its size, this include horsepower, engine strength, and of course 4-wheel driving. However, many studies in the country stated that sports utility vehicles are a threat in the road because they are heavier and bulkier than most cars around. The SUV’s high position also tends to knock-off most vehicles. Their bumpers also pose a danger when colliding with other cars especially with the smaller ones. To know more about the advantages and the disadvantages of SUVs, kindly read our article entitled “Tips in Choosing What Type of Car You Should Buy”.

Nevertheless, automakers who manufacture SUVs have constantly developed a safer and more sophisticated SUV. One added SUV safety measure is the stability control. As its name suggest, it helps stabilizes the SUV and keeps it in line when driven in the road. It also lets the vehicle to stay away from telephone lines that are magnetic. Every car manufacturer has a special label for their stability control.

Asian powerhouse carmaker Toyota has recently revealed its extra SUV safety measure. The stability control package has been known as the “Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management”. It involves around the SUVs brake and steering wheel. More specifically, Toyota has introduced its new electronic power steering (EPS) and electronically controlled brakes (ECB) for its SUVs. Aside from this, the Asian car manufacturer also showed its KDSS. The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System was applied in the Lexus GX 470 vehicle. The safety measure works by decombining the SUVs rear and front stabilizer bars so that the vehicle’s movement will have a better suspension when driven off-road. The other advantage of having a KDSS in the SUV has to do with the vehicle’s performance when on-road. When driven in the open highway, the KDSS allocates better and even movement by having a much superior stabilizer bar.

Tips in buying an SUV: its safety measures and more
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Spacious indeed

The J.D. Power and Associates’ 2006 Vehicle Dependability Study has revealed that SUVs can be very dependable both in off-road and in on-road driving. The group surveyed several car owners who have driven their SUVs for more than three years. According to their result, Lexus grabbed the award as the most reliable SUV maker.

The study gave the following results:

  • For compact SUVs, the best in the group is the Toyota RAV4 with the Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V as the runner-ups.

  • For midsize SUVs, the finest is the Toyota Highlander with the Honda Pilot and Buick Rendezvous as the runner-ups.

  • For fullsize SUVs, the top prize belongs to GMC Yukon with the Chevrolet Suburban and Toyota Sequoia as the runner-ups.

  • For midsize luxury SUVs, the best is the Lexus GX 470 while the Lexus RX 300 and Infiniti FX35 gathering the other top spots.

  • For fullsize luxury SUVs, the Cadillac Escalade EXT was named as best in the group with the Lexus LX 470 and Cadillac Escalade ESV as the runner-ups.

When buying an SUV, keep in mind its most famous colors. According to DuPont Automotive’s 2005 Color Popularity Report, the most popular color for an SUV is white or white pearl. The group stated that 21 percent of all those who have been surveyed affirmed that white or white pearl is their favorite SUV color. The other ranking goes to gray with 17 percent, silver with 16 percent, blue with 12 percent, red with 11 percent, black with 10 percent, light brown with 7 percent, green with 4 percent, and yellow & orange are tied with 1 percent. To know more about the other vehicles’ top colors, kindly read our article entitled “How to Pick The Right Color For Your Desired Car”. It lists all the top popular colors for mid-size and full-size cars.

Tips in buying an SUV: its safety measures and more
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Is this the right color for your desired car?
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