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Owning a car is the next best thing to have aside from having your own house. There are lots of cars available in the market today – some are big while others are small. However, it is very hard to decide which car you should buy. Here at Topspeed.com we will give you simple and practical recommendations in choosing the type of car you will purchase.

The first thing in choosing is to compare your personality to a car of your choice. It is a very common taught that your car represents your inner and true personality. If you are sport minded and likes to race a lot or you just love the rush of speed then buy a Sport’s Car. This type of car represents high image value and financial success. Sport cars can be very expensive and not very easy to maintain but they can be very reliable in and off road. They can also be very secure because sport’s car manufacturers tend to beef up its anti-crash system. Another vehicle that represents personality is the Vintage or Classic Car. This type of car is not very easy to find. They can also be very expensive. Vintage Cars can be a very good investment in the future because of its rarity and collectible value. 

However, if you do not want your personality to dictate the car of your choice, then have your way of life speak it to you. Most car buyers purchase cars that go with there needs. Whether you are an office girl, a lawyer, a messenger, or a teacher, the type of car you should buy must correspond to your day to day tasks. For instance, an Executive Car can be very good vehicle for a bank manager or a company CEO. These cars are capable to do many things. It also has many types of equipment installed. 

Tips in choosing what type of car you should buy
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Best vinyl for a city car

The next type of a vehicle is the City Car. This kind of car can be very versatile. As its name suggest, it can be driven around in a city without worries. It looks good and can be abused. The price of a City Car depends but the latest one with a very good specification can be expensive. 

Family Cars are the all-around vehicle. It can be used to drive the children to school or have a picnic at the nearest lake. This type of car can be cheap but have a high quality. It has been proven in the past that Family Cars can have a high mileage. 

4x4 Cars are best suited to an individual who has an active routine. The most famous 4x4 Car is the Sport Utility Vehicle or the SUV. Some argue that SUVs are a want and not a need. Just like any other car, SUVs have an advantage and disadvantage.

Among its advantages include the following:

  • it is the perfect vehicle for distant traveling
  • can carry a large number of people
  • has an excellent horsepower
  • can be very secure
  • it is a crash-safe vehicle
  • very spacious
  • brilliant in off-road
  • an all-in-one vehicle
  • perfect as a minivan alternative
  • good in a stormy environment
Tips in choosing what type of car you should buy
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Parking problems? Not with this kind of car

Nevertheless, SUVs also have some disadvantages which include the following:

  • because of its size, it is very difficult to park especially in areas with small spaces
  • consumes more fuel because of its engine power
  • not good for newbie drivers

The Consumer Reports has listed the following 4x4 Car models as top of its class:
1.Honda CR-V
2.Toyota Sequoia
3.Infiniti QX4
4.Nissan Pathfinder
5.Toyota Land Cruiser
6.Acura MDX
7.Lexus RX330

However, the group also detailed the following vehicles as the worst 4x4 Cars:
1.Dodge Dakota
2.GMC Sonoma
3.Land Rover Discovery
4.Pontiac Aztek
5.Chevrolet Blazer
6.GMC Envoy
7.Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tips in choosing what type of car you should buy
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This is why I don’t like hatchbacks

One of the most common and popular types of car in the market today is the Small hatchbacks. This car is so flexible that is why they are so widespread in the roads. It can be used to go round the city or simply have a joyride with your friends. Its price tag varies differently depending on its specs and design. However, if you want an improved version of the Small Hatchbacks, you should go with MPVs. They are a lot smaller and have more value as compared to the Small Hatchbacks. It can be used as a weekend getaway car. However, the bigger version of MPVs can be hard to park in areas with small spaces. 

The other things to consider in choosing the type of car you should buy includes the kind of garage you have in your house, how many will be in the car, the type of job the car will entail, and the comfortability you wish to have in your car. 

If you have a small car garage in your house, then you should choose a small car unless you are planning to renovate your garage to a larger one. You money’s worth will be useless if you will buy a car that is too much for your garage. You should also consider the number of people who will be using the car. If you are a family of five, then purchase a car that will fit all five of you. Another thing to be regarded is what kind of work the car will do. If you are into the towing business, then buy a car that has a large and powerful engine. The next consideration you will have in deciding which car to buy depends on your comfortability. If you have a back problem, then opt for a car that has an ergonomic system installed in the driver’s seat. If you are a small person, make sure that you will buy a car that has an easy and adjustable steering wheel and fine-tuned seat so that you can see the road clearly.

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  (512) posted on 03.2.2010

Great advice. Well, as a guy, I always have a dream car and it is of course a sporty one. One that only allows two passengers at a time. The driver and the front passenger. And now that I have my own family, such car wouldn’t be fit at all. I would need a bigger and safer car, probably a lot slower and boring too. But choosing the best car is always useful specially when you are going to use it for certain objectives like vans or pick up trucks for utility options.

  (6023) posted on 10.26.2006

So many advantages and only 3 disadvantages for SUVs?
What about safety (most of them are built on a chasis) ?
What about safety (high, heavy, very unstable) ?
What about safety (undersized underrated winter/off road tires - for road ...) ?
What about safety for other drivers?
What about polution?

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