• 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series

In 1984/1985, Toyota introduced an entirely new design to replace the aging and now 25 year old 40 series Land Cruiser. What Toyota came up with was a most appropriate replacement. Although completely new in styling, every off road positive aspect of the original 40 series was retained. The all new 70 series was introduced.

The 70 through 73 series is the short and medium wheelbase version of the long running Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series. Essentially, the direct replacement of the famous 40 series and what most Americans know of as the FJ40. These models were built in more variations than the longer wheelbase Land Cruisers. Some are still in production today for a select few markets.


The suspension, interior and basic layout of these models are nearly identical to the more famous longer wheelbase 75 series Land Cruisers, but the frame and body is much shorter. This allows the Land Cruiser to be more nimble off road. This model was popular as a personal off road transport, but because the Land Cruiser was marketed almost exclusively as a commercial and government vehicle and because these were never sold in the largest auto market in the world, the US, few were built, compared to other Land Cruiser models.

However, these models were sold all over the world, except North America, in the 1980s and early 1990s. They can be found in Japan, Asia and even South America. The short wheelbase models are not quite as common in Australia, but they are very popular in the homeland of Japan, where compactness and rugged 4X4 are a welcome combination.

Today, few short wheelbase 70 series can be purchases new. I can only find them being sold in some select South American countries and possibly still in the Japanese homeland.

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